What is a 4G box?

A 4G box is usually in the form of a small box where you can enjoy the 4G network. This equipment allows you to use your connected devices under this network and enjoy an optimal connection. This option is ideal if your usual Wi-Fi internet network is too slow or if you are several to use it at the same time, for example.

At Lebara, our Internet passes can transform your smartphone into a small mobile box. No need for a 4G box offer to enjoy 4G on your connected devices at home or outside!

Find out how a 4G box offer works and why our internet passes can replace it.

Who are the operators' 4G box offers for in France?

In France, a 4G box offer is provided for households located in areas where the connection is weak via a box. However, to be able to take advantage of it, 4G coverage must be good enough. To subscribe to a 4G box subscription, you must live in an area covered by an activated 4G antenna.

As you can see, not everyone can claim these offers. Most mobile operators in France plan to test you to determine if you are eligible.

Our Internet Passes are open to all users covered by the 4G/4G+ network. Eligibility depends only on your coverage of the network of our provider, Orange. The latter covers 99% of the French territory, so you have 99% chance of being eligible!

How does a 4G box work?

A 4G box is a small fixed box that uses an operator’s 4G mobile network. What is its purpose? Turn this 4G network into high-speed Wi-Fi. Thus, you can enjoy a fast and independent connection from your usual internet box.

This 4G box works like a conventional router. Plug it into a power outlet, then turn it on. Then you can connect it to your compatible devices. The 4G box works via Wi-Fi or ethernet, the wired local area network. The 4G box is fixed and unusable without a power outlet.

Why can our Internet Passes replace a 4G box?

A mobile offer that allows you to connect anywhere

Our Passes/internet bundles are available from 1GB and up to 40GB. Lebara uses the network of its provider Orange. Therefore, our Internet Passes offer a high quality connection and our coverage is excellent in France.

A mobile box to take everywhere

Also, know that you can use an Internet Pass with all your connected objects: tablets, computers, watches, home automation equipment... What differentiates it from a 4G box offer? Mobility. Our Internet passes transform your connected object into a small mobile box. No need to stay at home, no need for a power outlet! You can enjoy your fixed internet envelope wherever you are!

Possible termination and subscription at any time!

Moreover, our various Passes, like our bundles, are without commitmentand modifiable. You can choose your monthly subscriptionaccording to your needs. As a result, you only pay for what you consume. Are you going on vacation and don’t need internet for a while? Unlike traditional 4G box offers, you won’t have to pay if you leave your home and/or want to disconnect. The Internet pass gives you access for 30 days to a fixed Internet envelope that you cannot exceed. No bad surprises on the horizon!

Thanks to our diverse and varied Internet Passes, you no longer need a 4G box! Obtaining a Lebara pass means opting for a mobile offer with advantageous rates.

Their mobility makes these Passes excellent alternatives to the classic box. Without a commitment, you only pay what you consume and have no obligation to renew. Whether you opt for a monthly mobile bundle or a prepaid card, you can use them! Good plan guaranteed!

Individuals or professionals, discover our Internet passes!

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