Lebara : the flexible and accessible mobile operator

Lebara is one of the best mobile phone operators on the French market. Thanks to its flexibility, advantageous prices, as well as its dedication to the no-commitment, it knows how to adapt to everyone. Its high-quality network and coverage provide access to mobile communication in 99% of the country. Without forgetting the possibility of communicating from the international!

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No-commitment mobile bundles for everyone

Located in France, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands and the UK, Lebara allows you to call more than 40 international destinations. Our advantageous rates allow you to call, send SMS and surf without exceeding any bundle.

Our priority is your freedom, which is why monthly bundles and prepaid offers are all no-commitment. You can choose from several mobile offers adapted to each of your needs, punctual or regular. You have a fixed envelope that you cannot exceed without your consent.

Our dedication to no-commitment also allows you to avoid monthly obligations. For example, you can cancel one Lebara bundle to switch to another, or you can combine several offers whenever you want. In addition, you can also cancel the tacit renewal of your bundle in just a few clicks. In fact, all you need to do is visit our website or MyLebara app and check the corresponding box.

Say goodbye to formalities and save time!

Lebara makes your life simple and fast! Indeed, we decided to save you as much formalities as possible. Don’t like having to communicate your RIB? No more need to do it! To subscribe to a Lebara offer, no need to have a French bank account or to communicate your RIB!

We are present all around you!

We are not only virtual! Results? Lebara is accessible as close as possible to you thanks to its 40,000 points of sale in France. In addition, all our mobile refills are also available in many tobacco offices, shops and Relay points.

We look forward to seeing you!

You can keep your number thanks to portability!

Are you hesitant to change your mobile operator for fear of losing your phone number? Rest assured! By switching from your operator to Lebara, you can keep your number by requesting portability.

How to subscribe to a Lebara bundle and keep your number?

To subscribe to a Lebara mobile bundle without commitment, nothing is simpler! Simply order a SIM (free), request portability, then choose your bundle and/or reload your card.

To request the portability of your number, here’s how to do it step by step:

  • Order your SIM card on Lebara.fr ;

  • Check the option: "Transfer your number" ;

  • Get your RIO code by calling 3179 (free) ;

  • Provide us with the relevant number and its RIO code ;

  • Once the card is received, insert it into your mobile phone ;

  • A temporary number will be activated while your request for portability is routed (we take care of everything!).

We will send you the activation date of your number within 3 working days, excluding weekends.

We strongly advise you not to terminate the services yourself at your former operator. In doing so, you may not be able to retrieve your telephone number.

A mobile operator opent to the world

Depending on the mobile plan you choose, you can enjoy unlimited calls, minutes or calls from 1 cent/minute to 43 international destinations. You will also be able to send SMS according to the current tariff.

Do you like to travel and would like to be able to surf freely? You can take advantage of the mobile internet during your trips in Europe is possible. Thanks to the end of roaming (2017), you will be able to enjoy your mobile internet as you do in France!

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