Mobile bundles and Passes without commitment

Monthly Bundles

-2h to France for 2€
-Unlim calls/SMS to France from 4,99€
- Unlim calls to 43 countries from 9,99€
- 4G+ connection up to 100GB

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International Pass

- From 30 to 120 international minutes
- Including some African and EU countries
- Validity 14 days

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Data Pass

- From 1 to 40GB
- 4G+ Connection
- 30 days validity

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Best rates
Lebara offers competitive national & international call rates worldwide
No contract
No contracts with Lebara. Control your mobile bill with great value plans
Direct calling to over 200 countries, plans also include national minutes

Would you like to call France, Europe, abroad and to the DOM? Would you like to be able to send SMS and enjoy mobile internet in France and in the EU? Whatever your needs and criteria, we have provided the ideal bundle for you! Without commitment, all our bundles give you freedom and flexibility.

Discover the best product(s) for you proposed by the mobile operator Lebara!

Mobile bundles and Passes without commitment

By comparing mobile bundles, you will see that Lebara stands out for its cheap phone offers. As an alternative to traditional bundles, find among our offer the mobile phone solution that suits you thanks to our Lebara specificity: the non-committing bundle.

The monthly bundles, the anti-overrun solution

Lebara offers access to a rich range of non-committing bundles to allow you to communicate without counting while preserving your budget. With some of the lowest prices on the market, they simplify your life. The little more Lebara? You have unlimited calls to Lebara numbers. With the monthly bundles of Lebara, you do not need a subscription to benefit from unlimited calls and SMS in Metropolitan France, the DOM and to 43 countries of the rest of the world, fixed and mobile. Each formula is non-committing and allows you to stop your bundle at any time. In addition, depending on the mobile bundle chosen, you have a data envelope ranging from 1GB to 200GB in 4G+!

Lebara Passes : turn to the world

Lebara offers 2 types of Passes to maintain your connection with the world.

International Passes

International Passes allow you to easily call abroad, and this at a lower cost. Depending on the destination to which you wish to communicate, Lebara offers 3 Passes including between 30 and 120 minutes of communication time. Always without commitment, you can stop your bundle whenever you want. The validity period of the International Passes is 14 days.

Internet Passes

Internet Passes allow you to benefit from a data envelope that can be used in France and Europe (but limited) at no extra cost. Also suitable for your tablet in addition to your mobile phone, complete your current mobile phone bundle and enjoy 4G+ speed. You can use the Internet Passes to enrich the basic data envelope included in your telephone bundle: the additional consumption used in addition to this one will be deducted from the Pass, which avoids you the overrun. Our Internet Pass can be used as a mobile internet card with our prepaid offers. All you have to do is purchase and validate it so that it complements your rechargeable prepaid card. Thanks to the Lebara internet pass, prepaid mobile bundles have nothing to envy to others!

Your prepaid SIM card near you

Enjoy our bundles in a few clicks

It is simple to subscribe to our offers since you only need your credit card. In addition, enjoy the portability and keep your old number, we will forward your change to your operator. To purchase our SIM cards, go to a tobacco office, to the points of sale in large areas or online. If you order it on our website, know that the delivery is free and possible in metropolitan France! Our mobile SIM card purchased online will arrive in a few days, then you will need to register it. To do this, you will have to click on “register SIM” on our website. Then you will need the wallet of your SIM mobile card, as well as a valid ID document. Nothing more!

Pay only what you consume

Nothing is easier to top up your prepaid bundle than to visit the Lebara website and do it by credit card, or by cash at one of our 40,000 stores. Your reload has a validity period of 90 days, and this for all the proposed formulas. Accessible online, you can also find the 200 minutes formula in the tobacco offices. And to always keep full control of your consumption, choose the MyLebara option to follow it live. The recharge validity of the new bundle is 30 days.

With our prepaid mobile bundles and mobile topups, only pay for what you consume!

Adopt bundles that adapt to your needs

Our bundles are non-committing and simple but we promise you the flexibility you need. Finally, enter the new modes of personalized consumption, without the need to enjoy promotions since you only pay what you need. Your consumption is thus never limited. In addition, as your uses evolve over time, you can select the options in our SIM cards at any time for fair amounts ranging from 2€ to 24.99€. No need to look for operators abroad to keep in touch on different journeys. If your children are going to study in an unfamiliar area or you are going to spend a short period abroad, our prepaid cards allow you to communicate without subscribing to an offer.

A rechargeable prepaid card to communicate on the road? Nothing is easier with Lebara!

Need to call very often?

Do you need to make calls in France, Europe or elsewhere in the world regularly? Would you like not to have to worry about the passing of time or the unpleasant surprises on the bill? Luckily, our mobile operator has the mobile bundles you need!

Choose the ideal package to call in France and internationally

All our monthly plans entitle you to unlimited calls to France and 43 international destinations. These destinations include the European Union and the DOM (Overseas Departments). In addition to these monthly packages, our exclusive unlimited all-in-one bundle, our exclusive all-in-one unlimited bundle also allows you to enjoy the same benefits.

By choosing one of these bundles, you will be able to call fixed and mobile from these destinations without distinction. No more time-limited calls, no more shortened conversations! Enjoy your free phone conversations!

Choose the ideal bundle for your unlimited calls to France only

Need to call France without limits? Our unlimited bundles allow you to enjoy unlimited calls to French mobile phones and landlines. Moreover, from the 130GB offer, you are entitled to illimited calls to 43 international destinations!

Our unlimited Lebara bundles are perfect for users who need to call regularly in France and occasionally abroad.

Note that if you have one or more favorite countries, you can use our comparison page. Thus, you will find the best phone bundles according to your specific needs!

Choose the ideal package for “datavores” with strong internet needs

Do you surf daily with your smartphones? Do you like being able to play online, enjoy the shared connection? Are you watching a series or movies streaming via the mobile web? Many of our phone bundles could make you happy!

Our monthly bundles with generous data envelopes

If you are a “datavore”, we recommend our monthly bundles. Every month, you can enjoy 1GB to 200GB of mobile internet on your phone. You can surf, download, watch a series, listen to music in 4G+ daily!


Many unlimited Lebara bundles will delight you!

Some unlimited Lebara bundles have a particularly generous data envelope. We offer you 40GB, 130GB, or 200GB valid for a month! What to surf with serenity without worrying about your consumption.

Need to add data to your mobile plan?

Are you going or would you like to opt for our mobile topups and prepaid bundles? Did you like our 2€/month Mini bundle? Know that the mobile internet is at your fingertips! Indeed, thanks to our Internet Passes, you can buy an envelope between 1GB and 40GB! So you can complete your bundles without internet and surf whenever you want! This internet card is valid for 30 days!

In addition, our Internet card can also be used to add data to your bundles if you are short!

Create your own bundle by adding what you need thanks to Lebara!

Enjoy our best deals all year round!

Thanks to the Lebara tips, you can enjoy many benefits. A discount, advantageous rates, portability thanks to the RIO code... The best awaits you!

By subscribing to a Lebara bundle, you can enjoy:

  • Unlimited calls and text messages between Lebara numbers: Enjoy your loved ones without worrying about time! This benefit is valid year-round ;

  • From a mini bundle to 2€/month: for 2€, you will enjoy 2 hours of calls in France. You can also keep your number without breaking the bank! ;

  • Portability: keep your old number, we’ll take care of everything! ;

  • Of a rechargeable SIM card ;

  • Best rates in effect ;

  • And much more... Guaranteed benefits!

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(*) Illimité - Durée maximum d’un appel : 2h, appels et SMS jusqu’à 99 destinataires différents maximum sur la durée du forfait. L’utilisation d’un kit main libre est recommandé. Offres soumises à conditions sous réserve de couverture réseau et d’équipement compatible, hors numéros spéciaux. Les forfaits incluant à la fois une enveloppe d’appels voix et de communications internet ne peuvent être souscrits qu’une seule fois par période de 30 jours.
Les offres sont valables jusqu'au 15/06/2022 inclus.

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