All Lebara's best deals of the moment

With Lebara best deals, you will be able to enjoy many benefits adapted to every need. Economic rates, portability, flexibility, enjoy the best online! Here, you will find our best offers of the moment, our promotions, as well as our benefits available all year round.

Online exclusivities

By visiting the Lebara website, you will be able to enjoy several exclusivities online. Our monthly bundles, for example, are part of our best bundles of the moment. From 10€ per month without commitment, we offer:

  • 40GB of internet in 4G+ minimum ;

  • Unlimited calls to France ;

  • Unlimited SMS in France.

Need to call to international to 43 destinations? For €9.99 also discover our package with 10GB of Internet including calls to many countries including EU, DOM, USA, Canada, China, India... Need a lot of data? Our monthly bundles are perfect, because their internet envelope is the most providing among all our offers!

You can also enjoy other exclusive subscriptions among our all-in-one and unlimited bundles. We are adding some online exclusivities as we go along.

So you can enjoy it all year round!

Unlimited calls and SMS between Lebara numbers

Each of our bundles and prepaid top-ups (except the Mini package) entitles you to unlimited calls and SMS between Lebara France numbers. Enjoy your loved ones without worrying about time. This benefit is valid all year round!

The Mini bundle at 2€

Save with our Mini bundle at just 2€ per month! This subscription is undoubtedly one of our best deals. It is especially suitable for users with small needs, as well as for all of you who are away for a month or more. At the smart and particularly advantageous price of 2€/month, you can call in France for 2 hours!

In addition, subscribing to this bundle is also a great way to keep your French number without ruining yourself. However, if you need to be absent, you will only need to subscribe to this mobile bundle in automatic renewal for the duration of your stay abroad.

Need to keep your number or call at a low price? This subscription is for you!

Keep your current number with portability!

No need to change your phone number! Thanks to portability, you can keep your old number when you request it. Would you like to subscribe to a Lebara bundle and keep your number? Would you like to avoid wasting time informing all your contacts of your change of number? It’s very easy!

After choosing the offer that suits you, you just need to ask for the portability of your current phone number. To do this, you must obtain and provide us with its RIO (Operator Identification Statement) code. We strongly recommend that you do not terminate your service yourself at your former operator. Why? You risk seeing your number terminated and it would be, in fact, impossible to carry it to your Lebara SIM.

How to enjoy this good deal and carry my number to a Lebara SIM?

The portability process is very fast. Here’s how to transfer your number to a Lebara SIM:

  • Order your SIM card on ;

  • Select the option : "Transfer your number" ;

  • Get your RIO code by calling 3179 (free) ;

  • Get us the relevant number and its RIO code ;

  • Once the card is received, insert it into your smartphone/téléphone ;

  • Its temporary number will be activated and your request for portability will be forwarded to your former operator ;

  • You will receive the activation date of your old number on your Lebara SIM (within 3 working days, excluding weekends).

All our bundles and topups are without commitment

New packages, prepaid top-ups, old packages? All our bundles are without commitment at Lebara. You can benefit from a selection of subscriptions adapted to your needs for an indefinite period, without any obligation to renew. Indeed, the automatic renewal can be stopped at any time via your website or the MyLebara application.

In addition, thanks to this advantage that makes Lebara a different operator, you can also change your bundle whenever you want!

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