The different prices of mobile phones compatible with our Lebara offers

To benefit from a Lebara mobile bundle, you need a mobile phone. Today, several types of mobile phones are available on the smartphone and phone market. You will find very expensive high-end smartphones, others more affordable, depending on their technology and brand. You will also find basic mobile phones at mini prices, perfect for the most minimalist of you!

Find out more about smartphone prices and compatibility with Lebara!

Are all smartphones compatible with the Lebara SIM card?

To ensure the proper functioning of your Lebara SIM card, your phone must be unlocked. This means that it must be “unlocked” to be used with all mobile operators. If your mobile phone is locked on the mobile operator’s network from which you purchased it, the SIM card may not work.

How do I request the unlocking of my mobile phone?

In order to ensure the smooth operation of your mobile phones with our SIM cards, you must request their unlocking, if necessary. To do this, you just need to contact your former mobile operator. Once unlocked, your Lebara SIM card will work perfectly.

A few premium smartphones

Here is our selection of the best premium smartphones compatible with Lebara.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

The high-end Samsung Galaxy S21 is undoubtedly one of the best smartphones of the moment. One can find this Android (operating system) unlocked on the market without any difficulty. Its quality is exceptional, its quality day photos and it is particularly complete. It costs between €1,000 and €1,500 depending on the capacity of its RAM memory and storage capacity.

The best mobile for you? The best mobile to enjoy Lebara mobile bundles?

The iPhone 12 Pro Max

Here is one of the new iPhone and undoubtedly one of the best on the market: the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Its large Oled display and 3687 mAH battery make it very powerful. Its night mode and videos are very satisfying. You will find it unlocked on the market so you can enjoy Lebara no-commitment bundles.

It is available from 1159€ on the market.

A few more affordable smartphones at less than 300€

We looked for the most interesting Lebara compatible smartphones on the market at less than €300. Here are the results:

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite: a smartphone at a price of less than €300

The Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite is a very good smartphone that you will find at a particularly affordable price. Its two strengths? Its powerful battery and its price. Indeed, its 5260 mAH battery gives it a very good autonomy with 30W fast charging possibility. You will find it from 259 € on the market in France.

Available unblocked!

Realme 6: a good smartphone at less than 180€

Want to buy a good smartphone at a lower price? We recommend the Realme 6. It is equipped with a 6.5-inch Full HD+ screen and a quadruple photo sensor including the main sensor of 64 megapixels. Its main advantage? This model has features usually reserved for high-end devices. Indeed, it is equipped with a fingerprint sensor, facial recognition and a fast 30W recharge function. Perfect to surf the web with our Lebara packages!

You will find it from 149 € on the telephony market in France.

A basic phone at a mobile price of less than 40€

Not a fan of mobile internet or modern technology? Want to send SMS and just call? A basic phone will suit you perfectly! The price of the basic phone is unbeatable! You will find it without any problems at less than €40. Among the most sought-after unlocked models, there are:

  • Artfone CF241A ;

  • The Nokia 216 ;

  • The Nokia 105 2019 available around 25€ on average ;

  • The ISHEEP ZF213 GSM at just over 30€.

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