Compare our offers to find the best price for your needs

Would you like to quickly find the price that best suits your needs? Tired of paying for mobile phone services that you do not use? With our no-commitment prepaid mobile bundles, you pay for what you consume. Moreover, all our offers are adapted to each type of bundle of user and mobile, even the latest generation.

To know how to compare our offers and find the price corresponding to your telephony needs, it's here!

Our prepaid bundles: you pay for what you consume

All our prepaid bundles are without commitment and operate via a credit and mobile top-up system. Would you like to be able to control your consumption 100%? Would you like to pay exactly what you consume and nothing else? The Lebara no-commitment prepaid mobile bundles are perfect for you!

Mobile refills allow you to control your SMS consumption, calls, but also internet. Thanks to our cumulative Internet Passes, you control absolutely everything about your subscription.

Mobile refills: all available offers

You can choose from 5 different mobile refills:

  • 5€ ;

  • 10€ ;

  • 15€ ;

  • 20€ ;

  • 30€.

As for the rates of your subscription, you will be able to make calls from 1 cent/minute to fixed and mobile phones. As for the calls and SMS to the numbers of the operator Lebara France, they will be free and unlimited! Once the mobile recharge is done, you can use your credit for 90 days! Consume at your own pace!

Lebara mobile refills and their rates are ideal for any user:

  • with moderate needs ;

  • wishing to control its consumption ;

  • wishing to control their children's consumption.

Monthly bundles from 4,99€

From less than 5€/month, you can enjoy unlimited calls in France and also in some bundles to 43 international destinations. Without forgetting unlimited SMS to France too! The monthly price of our monthly bundles increases depending on the internet data envelope. But all of them, without exception, guarantee you to be able to call without worrying about the time that passes. Our monthly bundles are among our best deals and exclusives online. Why? They count more data than the other bundles and are sold only on the site! Enjoy!

Subscribe to a monthly mobile bundle with your mobile operator Lebara is ideal for users:

  • with a large call and SMS needs ;

  • who surf frequently, or even daily ;

  • needing to join the international.

Unlimited bundles from 9,99€

Our best offers of unlimited packages without obligation guarantee you unlimited calls and SMS to France. Some offers also allow you to enjoy 120 minutes of international travel. Mobile Internet access includes between 10GB and 70GB 4G or 4G+ to surf at high speed ideally according to your needs.

These rates are perfect for users:

  • needing to call France frequently ;

  • needing to call the international occasionally ;

  • wishing to use mobile internet according to their needs.

All-in-one bundles from 9,99€

Our all-in-one mobile bundles are very versatile and have many benefits. Depending on the offer that suits you, you can enjoy limited or unlimited calls to France and 40 foreign countries. In addition, you can send up to 500 SMS to France and surf the mobile internet quickly thanks to a large data envelope. It will be between 1GB and 5GB in 4G or 4G+ network coverage.

The prices of these all-in-one bundles are perfectly adapted to users:

  • needing to call France occasionally or regularly ;

  • needing to call the international occasionally or regularly ;

  • needing to surf moderatly the mobile internet ;

  • wishing to send SMS regularly to France.

The Mini bundle at 2€ per months

Our Smart Mini Package is extremely advantageous. Are you one of those users who just call to France? You don’t need SMS or a mobile internet envelope? For only 2€, you can call for 2 hours to France!

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