Why is the price of the Lebara bundle fair and tailored to your needs?

Lebara is cimmited to offering you various monthly mobile bundles, prepaid and pass at the right price. Our bundles are adapted to your budget and your needs at each time of the year. Thanks to the no-commitment, you can manage your consumption and change your formula whenever you want!

Find out how and why the price of Lebara bundles is fair and adjustable to your specific habits and needs!

Buy and consume according to your criteria!

Want to control your consumption? Small budgets? Need a lot of data and/or a complete package? Open to the world? Lebara has planned everything for you to find the best offer.

Pay only what you consume!

Your priority is to pay only what you consume? The prepaid card is then a very good option! You have the choice between several mobile refills, ranging from 5€ to 30€. They are valid for 90 days and adapt to your pace of consumption. From the remaining 3€, you will be able to choose the “auto-reload” option. Your credit will then be automatically reloaded to avoid you having to think about it!

Very small budget? We thought of you!

Do you have a tight budget and don’t want to spend a lot on a mobile plan? Several Lebara offers may suit you. Our €2/month Mini package allows you to call for 2 hours to France. Ideal for small needs and budgets!

Small budget, but big need internet access? Our monthly package of 4.99€ entitles you to calls and SMS to France, as well as 1GB of internet. This is a cheap and very complete mobile bundle.

Need a lot of mobile data?

Do you like spending time on the web with your smartphone? Do you like playing online, watching videos or listening to music? Many of our internet bundles are for you! 10GB monthly bundle, 40GB monthly bundle, 15GB or 40GB Internet Pass? All these options allow you to surf freely and serenely.

Discover our great plan and discount space here!

Why does the no-commitment guarantee you a fair price for bundles?

It is no longer a secret, commitment bundles are often more expensive than no-commitment bundles. This is due to both the options and the mobiles that you buy in addition, thinking to make a good deal. Only, quite often, this is not the case and the included options are not necessary. To encourage you to get involved, some mobile operators promise many “free” options. Only, little catch! Most of the time, clients rarely use these options during their commitment period. That’s part of the reason these bundles are more expensive. Paying more is not a good compromise...

At Lebara, we go straight to the point! We have and offer you only useful services that you will benefit from on a daily basis. The price paid corresponds to your needs and consumption: nothing more.

Stop automatic recharging at any time

Whether you subscribe to a prepaid bundle or a monthly bundle, you are free. At any time and without conditions, you can uncheck the automatic recharge and/or change your formula. Your needs change? Do you need to call abroad regularly? Do you need unlimited calls? A backup internet envelope? Anything is possible! Without the hassle of termination, switch from a prepaid bundle to a bundle and vice versa!

All you need to do is visit your customer area on our website or download the MyLebara app.

Termination can be expensive: with Lebara, it costs nothing!

Cancelling a subscription before the end of the commitment can be very expensive for a customer. If you terminate before the first year, you will have to pay all remaining monthly instalments. In other words, if you have 14 months left...it hurts.

Cancelling a Lebara bundle costs you absolutely nothing. You can change it whenever you want without having to pay a penny for it. Lebara wants to offer you a simple and free experience!

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