Activate a bundle

How do I activate a plan?

1. On the website (or the MyLebara app)

Available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day you can activate a bundle at any time. When validating your purchase your plan, is immediately activated on your Lebara account. This allows you to make calls, text and/or surf the Internet without waiting!

Go to the shop by clicking here and discover all our unlimited offers, monthly packages, all in one, mini, International Passes, Internet Passes to select according to your needs.

2. BY SMS dialing 22241

Do you have credit in your LEBARA account? Simply subscribe to a plan by sending the package code to 22241. A text message will immediately confirm its activation.  

How do I renew my plan?
If the "renewal" option is activated, the day before the renewal date of your plan you will receive an SMS informing you of the upcoming renewal (either after 30 days or 14 days depending on the plans).

If you have enough credit, or if you have registered your payment card in your MyLebara account, your plan will be automatically renewed.

Without sufficient credit or a valid bank card, renewal will not be made. You will be informed by SMS.

You can turn off or enable automatic renewal from your MyLebara account at any time with a simple click!

Please note that you do not have to wait until the end of 30 days (or 14 days) to renew a bundle. If your services are out of print or you want to add new services you can subscribe to multiple plans, regardless of the date!

Calls, SMS and Internet consumption will be deducted first from the plans with the nearest expiry date.

How can I check my plan balance 
Call 2323 and choose option 2 or log into your MyLebara account from the web or from the iPhone or Android MyLebara app

(*) Illimité - Durée maximum d’un appel : 2h, appels et SMS jusqu’à 99 destinataires différents maximum sur la durée du forfait. L’utilisation d’un kit main libre est recommandé. Offres soumises à conditions sous réserve de couverture réseau et d’équipement compatible, hors numéros spéciaux. Les forfaits incluant à la fois une enveloppe d’appels voix et de communications internet ne peuvent être souscrits qu’une seule fois par période de 30 jours.
Les séries limitées sont réservées aux 10 000 premiers clients. L'offre 50% est réservée aux nouveaux clients qui commandent une carte SIM + un forfait mensuel supérieur ou égal à 20Go. Les offres sont valables jusqu'au 31/01/2022 inclus.

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