Understand your balance

Why can't I see my last top-up purchased online in my MyLebara account balance?

It may take several minutes to update your MyLebara account information.

If in doubt, check the balance on your phone: call/dial the number '133'. Your balance appears immediately on your phone's screen.

If you notice an anomaly, after more than 15 minutes, call Customer Service at 2323.

Why is my credit running out so quickly? 

Excluding internet consumption can quickly deplete your credit. Especially if your phone launches updates!

To avoid any surprises, turn off your phone's mobile data.

It's very simple, this option is accessible with 1 click on most phones (near Wi-Fi, lamp, offline mode etc...).

When you want to go online, you can activate Mobile data with one click as well.

I accidentally added a wrong amount of reload. Can you help me?

Your credit is valid for 90 days. You can use this credit for your calls, sms and surf the Internet for the duration. You can also sign up for a non-binding plan with the available credit.

Exceptionally, and if this credit has not been used, you can apply for a refund by email with our Customer Service.

How can I recharge the app on the Lebara site?
1. Sign in to your My Lebara account. 
2. Choose an amount and select Continue.
3. Enter payment information by credit card or PayPal account. 
4. Finalize payment.
5. A message confirms that the amount of your top-up is credited to your Lebara account. An email is also sent to you.

What is the method of payment accepted online?

Follow the instructions and select the type of card you want to use to purchase credit top-ups or sign up for a plan.

We accept the following credit and debit cards: Mastercard, Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron and American Express. You can also make purchases with your PayPal account.

(*) Illimité - Durée maximum d’un appel : 2h, appels et SMS jusqu’à 99 destinataires différents maximum sur la durée du forfait. L’utilisation d’un kit main libre est recommandé. Offres soumises à conditions sous réserve de couverture réseau et d’équipement compatible, hors numéros spéciaux. Les forfaits incluant à la fois une enveloppe d’appels voix et de communications internet ne peuvent être souscrits qu’une seule fois par période de 30 jours.
Les séries limitées sont réservées aux 10 000 premiers clients. L'offre 50% est réservée aux nouveaux clients qui commandent une carte SIM + un forfait mensuel supérieur ou égal à 20Go. Les offres sont valables jusqu'au 31/01/2022 inclus.

Conditions générales