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Easily top up your SIM card here with credit or bundles


News Covid 19: Because it is difficult to reach our 40,000 points of sales, Lebara makes your life easier by allowing you to buy our products and Topup online. Stay connected with your friends and family!

Lebara offers a whole range of bundles from € 4.99 to cover all usages. In a few clicks you can Topup your SIM card with a bank card or from a Paypal account. Don't forget to register to renew your plans automatically, and never run out of bundle again!
Discover below the list of all our without commitment bundles.

 Discover below the list of all our credit Topup




  • 5 €
  • 10 €
  • 15 €
  • 20 €
  • 30 €

Check our international rates:

To take advantage of the promo rates, send PROMO to 22241. Any customer who has not activated the promo will be billed at standard rates.