Our topups and bundles

Lebara offers a range of bundles from 2€ for all uses. In a few clicks you can reload your SIM card with a credit card or from a Paypal account. Don’t forget to register to renew your bundles automatically, and don’t run out of bundles!

Discover all of our Lebara no commitment mobile bundles and topups. Thanks to our range of varied offers, you will find an easy, reliable and flexible solution to communicate in France and abroad, whatever the technology of your phone!

We offer a catalogue of prepaid and non-committing monthly bundles tailored to your needs. Among all mobile operators, our offers are among the most advantageous.

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Our prepaid bundles and mobile topups without commitment

All our prepaid bundles are non-committing, you can also choose a credit and mobile topup system, or both!

Pay only what you consume

Thanks to our prepaid plans, as well as our mobile reload system, you only pay for what you consume. Fear of oversubscription and adherent to safe consumption? This option is ideal if you want to maintain permanent control over your consumption. Would you also like to keep control over your children’s consumption and mobile internet? Lebara topups are for you!

Mobile topups : all available offers

To charge your mobile phone we offer 5 different charges:

  • 5€ ;

  • 10€ ;

  • 15€ ;

  • 20€ ;

  • 30€.

By purchasing a prepaid SIM card and a mobile top-up, you get real freedom to communicate in France and abroad. You will be able to make your calls from 1 cent/minute to the landline or the non Lebara mobile of the recipient of your call. Calls and SMS to Lebara mobile numbers will be free and unlimited! Once the mobile recharge is complete, you have 90 days to use it. Consume at your own pace!

You would also like to surf the web? Perfect! You can credit your smartphone with data with an internet prepaid card. These Internet passes complement your topups card and bundles but are also usable on their own. They range from 1GB to 30GB for all uses.

Our monthly, unlimited, Mini and all-in-one bundles

All our monthly subscription plans are non-binding and with or without automatic renewal. They include a volume of calls, SMS and fixed data. In addition, they are especially recommended for regular consumers who do not want to think about reloading.

Discover them all!

Monthly bundles from 4,99€

All our Lebara monthly bundles without commitment guarantee you unlimited calls and SMS to landlines and mobile phones in France. You will also benefit in some bundles starting at 19,99€ from unlimited calls to 43 international destinations (including EU and DOM) to landlines and mobile phones. The renewal of your mobile bundle will be done tacitly at the end of its validity. It can also be stopped at any time via our website or the MyLebara app.

Our monthly bundles are part of the online exclusives. Why are they so special? Because they count more data than the others and are sold only on the site! Enjoy!

Unlimited bundles from 9,99€

With our unlimited non-committing bundles, we guarantee unlimited calls and SMS to France (from France and Europe). The Internet data envelope is between 10GB and 70GB in 4G or 4G+ and adapts to all needs. Apart from the exclusive offer of the site at 4.99€, all bundles are available in store!

All-in-one bundles from 9,99€

Our all-in-one bundles are divided into two:

  • The imited all-in-one bundle ;

  • The unlimited bundle (please note this is only unlimited international calls).

Depending on the offer you choose, you can make limited or unlimited calls to France and 40 international destinations. You can send up to 500 SMS to France and surf thanks to a web envelope between 1GB and 5GB in 4G or 4G+.

International bundles at 9,99€

Our 14-day international bundles are perfect for travel enthusiasts and all users who need to communicate abroad. By subscribing to an international bundle, you will be entitled to:

  • 30 minutes to 15 destinations ;

  • 40 minutes to 13 destinations ;

  • 120 minutes to 16 destinations.

You can subscribe to this bundle alone or in addition to another bundle or a mobile topup.

Little extra! Know that with portability, you can keep your number from other mobile operators to subscribe to a Lebara offer.

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