Everything about the Lebara mobile network

Our offers are aimed at all users wishing to communicate in France and internationally. That’s why our mobile network is very efficient and accessible to as many people as possible. In order to allow you to communicate peacefully, we will explain how to use it effectively. Ensuring the proper functioning of your Lebara SIM, as well as that of your mobile phone is a breeze!

Discover how to make the most of the Lebara mobile network in France and abroad!

What network does Lebara use and how do I connect my device?

First of all, Lebara relies on the network of its supplier, Orange. All Lebara offers ensure that you can enjoy a high-quality network and high-level mobile coverage thanks to their antennas. In France or internationally, the Orange network is fast and efficient. Furthermore, you should know that in Switzerland, Lebara uses the Sunrise network and in Belgium, Base.

When you receive your Lebara SIM, you will need to connect your phone to the functional network to verify that your phone is picking up. To do this, you will need to do some checking.

After inserting your SIM card, you should read “Lebara” or “Orange displayed on your screen. If this is not the case, we recommend that you follow these steps:

  • Go to the connection settings/mobile networks of your smartphone/mobile phone ;

  • Check that the “Network” operator displays “LEBARA” ;

  • If not: select the manual network search ;

  • Reset your network settings by selecting a network other than Lebara ;

  • Manually search the network again and select “Lebara” or “Orange” ;

  • That's it! You have selected our network and your non-committing mobile bundle can be used properly.

Are all mobile phones compatible with the Lebara network?

All phones, whether basic or smartphone, are compatible with the Lebara network. Nevertheless, your phone must meet one condition: be unlocked.

What does this mean? Your phone must be able to accommodate a SIM from a mobile operator other than the one who sold it to you. In other words, your phone must be “unlocked” to be used on all mobile operators. If your smartphone/phone is blocked on the network of the operator you purchased it from, the SIM card may not work.

How do I unlock my mobile phone?

You need to request the unlocking of your mobile so that it works under the Lebara mobile network? To do so, you must contact your former mobile operator. You will need to specifically request that the operator be able to unlock your mobile. Once this is done, your phone will work perfectly under the Lebara network.

Does the Lebara network work everywhere in France?

We use the network of our supplier, Orange. Today, it covers 99% of the French population and follows you wherever you go. Whether your location is in urban or rural areas, you can communicate on 99% of the territory.

In addition, for several years, Orange has been working on the roads of France to offer access to as many people as possible. That is why, so far, according to statistics, this network is number 1 in France. In fact, the Lebara mobile coverage is absolutely excellent on the territory.

To ensure that you are covered, do not hesitate to consult the coverage map of the 3G/4G and 4G+ mobile network of Orange. During your navigation, you can zoom in and reach a specific area. You will find all the covered places, as well as several other information.

Does Lebara provide access to 4G+?

Absolutely. Lebara makes it easy to enjoy 4G+ network coverage. Note that the 4G+ has a speed between 200 and 300 Mbit/s, that is to say twice as fast as the 4G. Surf the internet at optimal speed!

To activate it on your device, simply send “4G” by SMS to 22241 (free), while you are in France. You can test your coverage by checking that the small “4G+” appears on the screen.

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