Why subscribe to a Lebara non-committing prepaid bundle?

Our offer of prepaid bundles is varied and adapts to all your daily needs. Lebara prepaid cards allow you to take advantage of calls, SMS and mobile internet on 4G and 4G+. Having nothing to envy to the monthly bundles, they allow you to enjoy a personalized bundle.

Want to know more?

Pay only what you use!

By choosing our prepaid cards, you can choose between different reload amounts ranging from 5€ to 30€. You can never exceed the amount chosen on the card. In other words: you will never have any unpleasant surprises, nor will you exceed the price. You can choose the offer that best suits your specific or regular needs.

Recharge at your own pace

Our prepaid cards are valid for 90 days. You are completely free to consume at your own pace and according to your habits. Afraid to forget to reload? Don’t panic! You have the option to choose the “automatic reload” option from the remaining 3€ on your card. This option is, of course, editable at any time.

Call in France and aborad

Our prepaid plans allow you to call and send SMS in France, but also abroad. You can even enjoy unlimited free calls between Lebara France numbers. The rates for international calls are the current rates. We want to offer you the most advantageous rates. See for yourself! To see them, click here.

Surf the web according to your needs!

Prepaid offers tempt you, but you do have mobile internet? Don’t panic! You can complete your mobile data offer with our Internet Passes. You can add an envelope ranging from 1 GB to 40 GB to your credit. Thus, you can surf freely via a quality network and according to your needs!

Our prepaid cards are all around you!

Know that you can reload your card online anytime and from anywhere. All you need is an internet connection and a credit card, nothing more!

You don't like reloading from the Internet? Don’t worry, all our refills are also available in nearly 10,000 outlets in France. You will find them in the Relay points, in the tobacco offices and in some department stores.

Are you abroad? You can also find them in some post offices in Europe.

Control your teenagers' consumption

Are you a parent of a teenager and would like to manage his consumption? Prepaid cards are ideal! You can adapt his credit according to his real needs and allow him to go on the internet or not.

Need two numbers? Choose a multi SIM!

Would you like to subscribe to a Lebara prepaid no-commitment bundle and need two telephone numbers? Choose a multi SIM smartphone! These smartphones allow you to use two SIM cards at the same time! This way, you can switch between your Lebara numbers quickly and easily.

How to order and reload online?

In order to use Lebara refills, you must first obtain a SIM card. To receive it, nothing is simpler! Simply choose the charge that best suits your needs and ask for an extra SIM card. Thanks to portability, you can even keep your old number! All you have to do is ask for portability at the time of your order. You do not need to communicate your RIB! Only a proof of identity is required.

After giving us your address, you will receive your reloaded SIM card within 48 hours at your home. Be careful however, the operator Lebara does not deliver outside metropolitan France! All our SIM cards are in triple cut format, allowing you to make them functional with each smartphone. The three formats are: macro (standard), micro and nano.

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