Everything about mobile phones and Lebara's offers

Lebara is a mobile operator flexible and accessible to all at the best prices. This is why the offers suggested are compatible with the most basic phones and smartphones. The features of the most modern smartphones are different from the basic mobile phones. To ensure that your mobile works well with our Lebara SIM, we give you some useful information.

Discover everything about mobile phones and smartphones with Lebara's offers !

What are the features of modern smartphones?

Modern smartphones allow you to enjoy mobile internet and other comfortable options.

How to know if my smartphone is 4G/4G+ compatible?

Would you like to choose a Lebara mobile bundle to enjoy 4G/4G+ to the fullest? In this case, you must choose your mobile phone properly. Selection can be complicated given the number of models on the market. However, this is not the case. Today, the majority of smartphones are compatible with 4G. But to make sure, you'll need to check if your phone supports at least one of the following frequencies:

  • 700 MHz (B28) or ;

  • 800 MHz (B20) or ;

  • 1800 MHz (B3) or ;

  • 2600 MHz (B7).

If you do not find the info or have a doubt, do not hesitate to contact us.

A battery and battery life made for mobile internet

Do you want to enjoy the mobile internet without being interrupted by the battery? Today, the system of the latest generations of smartphones is designed to support mobile internet. Thus, battery life and fast charging are among the essential features. It is estimated that a smartphone must be equipped with a battery of at least 3500 mAH to ensure fast charging. The charge, on the other hand, must display 10 to 15W minimum to allow a fast and efficient charging. As for storage memory, it must be sufficiently large, that is to say at least 16GB.

Combine 2 bundles and 2 different numbers on the same phone

Would you like to have two different phone numbers and not have to change your smartphone? Would you like to enjoy two different Lebara bundles on one device? It's possible! Today, most smartphones offer the dual SIM option.

To ensure that it is the case, you will need to check that the mobile is dual active compatible (DSDA). This way, you can switch from one SIM to another without any problems.

This option is absolutely ideal if you want to combine prepaid offers and monthly bundle, for example. For work or for your private exchanges, this option is very useful.

Can I use my old/current phone with a Lebara SIM card?

Most of the time, the answer is yes. However, this implies certain conditions to be met. To ensure the smooth operation of your Lebara SIM, yyour phone must be unlocked. This means that it must be "unlocked" to be operational with all mobile operators. If your mobile phone was locked on the mobile network for the operator you bought it from, the SIM might not work.

How do I request unlocking of my mobile phone if needed?

To ensure the proper functioning f your mobile phone with our SIM card, you must request its unlocking. To do so, simply contact your former mobile operator. Once unlocked, your SIM card will work perfectly.

Are basic mobile phones compatible with Lebara offers?

The basic mobile phone is a phone that is not a smartphone. In any case, rest assured, the answer is yes. The basic phone is fully compatible with our no-commitment bundles, provided it is unlocked (see above).

The use of high-end models with large screen, high-performance camera and other accessory options is not mandatory.

Your priority is to call and send SMS in France ir abroad? Then, a basic phone at low prices will be effective. The purchase of this mobile phone guarantees that you can enjoy your Lebara bundle and prepaid refills.

Do you like simplicity? So do we!

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