Our offers and your mobile phones

Our offers are aimed at all users who wish to communicate in France and internationally in complete serenity. To ensure this serenity, we will explain how to ensure the smooth operation of your mobile phones with our SIM cards and our Lebara network.

Can I use my old/current mobile phone with a Lebara SIM card?

Of course, you can use your current and old phones with our SIM cards. Nevertheless, this implies certain conditions to be respected. To ensure the proper functioning of your Lebara SIM card, your phone must be unlocked. This means it must be “unlocked” for use with all mobile operators. If your mobile phone is locked on the network of the mobile operator you purchased it from, the SIM card may not work.

How do I request the unlocking of my mobil phone?

In order to ensure the smooth operation of your smartphones with our SIM cards, you must request its unlocking, if necessary. To do this, you just need to contact your former mobile operator. Once unlocked, your Lebara SIM card will work perfectly.

What network does Lebara use and how do I connect my phone?

Lebara relies on the network of its supplier, Bouygues Telecom. In order to ensure that your mobile phone is connected to our network, you will need to perform some checks. After inserting your SIM card, when you turn on your phone, you should see “Lebara” or “Bouygues Telecom (BGT) displayed on the screen. If not, follow these steps:

  • Go to the connection settings/mobile networks of your smartphone/mobile phone ;

  • Check that the “Network” operator displays “LEBARA” ;

  • If not: select the manual network search ;

  • Reset your network settings by selecting a network other than Lebara ;

  • Manually search the network again and select “Lebara” or “Bouygues Telecom”.

Are all mobile phones compatible with Lebara prepaid cards?

All smartphones and mobile phones are compatible with our prepaid cards, provided they are unlocked. If your phone is locked on the network of the mobile operator from which you purchased it, you will not be able to use your Lebara SIM card. It will not work and that is why you will need to contact your former operator to request the unlocking of the mobile.

Once the mobile unlocking system is active, you will be able to use the SIM and Lebara mobile cards and mobile topups with complete peace of mind.

Are basic phones compatible with Lebara offers?

Of course. The basic laptop is fully compatible with our offers, provided it is unlocked. The purchase of a smartphone (smartphone) or a high-end mobile is absolutely not mandatory to use our SIM cards and enjoy a Lebara mobile bundle.

However, if you need to surf the net regularly, a smartphone could provide you with sufficient data storage capacity. The memory of old and new smartphones is generally adapted to the use of an internet envelope. In addition, the battery of a smartphone is also suitable for the use of mobile internet.

Conversely, your priority is only to call and send SMS in France and abroad? Then, a basic phone will be effective and will allow you to take advantage of your mobile plan and Lebara recharge card.

Our Lebara bundles adapt to your mobile phone

Whether you use a state-of-the-art designer smartphone with a camera or a mobile phone, pro or not, our non-committing bundles adapt to your needs. For internet enthusiasts, our monthly bundles with an internet envelope are ideal. For users with more “basic” needs, the Mini bundle or prepaid offer with topups will perfectly adapt to your desires. To call internationally, the International Pass will be perfect.

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