What are the advantages of choosing Lebara as a mobile operator?

Lebara is a flexible and accessible telephone operator that allows you to communicate easily. Whether in France or internationally, Lebara adapts to your needs. Your criteria are ours and we guarantee you the best in terms of network quality and coverage.

Discover 5 reasons to choose Lebara as a mobile operator!

Excellent coverage in France and abroad

First of all, Lebara France relies on the network of its supplier, Orange. Orange has excellent coverage in France. According to the latest statistics published, the latter covers 99% of the French territory. In other words, you have access to our network in both the city and the countryside!

Want to make sure Lebara covers your town or village? Don’t hesitate to check out Orange’s 3G, 4G and 4G+ mobile network coverage map!

Surf your smartphone, call and send SMS serenely and freely!

As far as the foreign market is concerned, Lebara relies mostly on the network of its supplier Orange, as in France. When this is not possible, we use the network of other providers, such as Sunrise and Base.

Lebara makes your life easier

We want to make your life easier, as well as spare you some tasks that may seem complicated. Let’s see!

No more formalities!

You don’t really appreciate having to communicate your RIB? Lebara understood that. By subscribing to one of our offers, you will not have to communicate it, or even have a French bank account. All you have to do is give us a piece of ID. It’s pretty handy, isn’t it?

We take care of the cancellation with your former operator!

Do you want to keep your old phone number? Don’t want to change and send the new one to all your contacts? Thanks to portability, we allow you to keep your phone number. At the same time, we will cancel for you. This ensures that your number can be carried out properly.

We are all around you

Off-site and off-screen, you can discover our sim cards and refills at nearly 10,000 points of sale in France. Our refills are available in many tobacco offices, stores and Relay points.

Freedom without commitment with Lebara!

By subscribing to a Lebara offer, you benefit from the no-commitment protection. This means that you will not be subject to any duration requirements for your mobile bundle. You can decide to change your bundle or stop whenever you want. As a result, you can cancel the automatic renewal when you visit our site. You can also perform this maneuver via our MyLebara app. Just a simple box to uncheck! Your comfort and freedom remain our priority.

Turn your smartphone into a small mobile box with our Internet Passes

With our Internet Passes, you can turn your devices into small mobile boxes. From 1 GB and up to 40 GB, enjoy the mobile internet! No more need to stay at home, no more need to plug! Our Internet Passes work with all your connected objects: tablets, computers, watches, home automation equipment...

By using our Passes, you gain mobility and freedom. Unlike a classic box offer, you won’t have to pay if you want to disconnect for a month, for example.

Between Lebara numbers, this is the life!

Communication between Lebara France numbers is more than easy. Several of our bundles allow you to call and send unlimited text messages to all other Lebara numbers. Even if your bundle does not include unlimited SMS or calls to other numbers, of course! You will find, for example, our all-in-one bundles!

Lebara, th best operator to control your consumption easily!

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