What type of bundle for a teenager?

Do you have teenagers or pre-teens at home and would like to know which type of Lebara bundle is the most suitable? Would you like to be able to control their consumption easily? Would you like to avoid them spending their time on the Internet?

At Lebara, we have planned different packages adapted to each need and each budget. Our no-commitment bundles allow you to control live consumption and are guaranteed without exceeding. No unpleasant surprises!

Discover our best bundles for pre-teens and teenagers!

Our prepaid bundles

Our prepaid bundles allow you to manage your child’s consumption from A to Z. You can choose between several refills depending on your child’s specific needs. In addition, you can choose to allow it to surf the web or not with the Pass options.

Limited amount/cost and good consumption management

By choosing Lebara prepaid cards, your teenager will not be able to exceed the amount chosen on the card. Refills between 5€ and 30€ allow you to adapt to each specific need and are valid for 90 days. Do you want to empower your teen to learn how to manage? This plan is ideal. Your teenager will have to learn to control its consumption.

Can my teen go on the internet with a prepaid card?

What about the mobile internet? It is not included. Nevertheless, we have planned everything! If your teen needs to surf, you can choose our passes. You benefit from a mobile data envelope between 1GB and 40GB usable for 30 days.

How to reload the prepaid card?

You can reload your teen’s card anytime and from anywhere. All you need to do is get your credit card. In addition, all our refills are also available in nearly 10,000 outlets in France. You will find them in some stores, in Relay points and in most tobacco offices.

If you are abroad, you can also find them in some post offices! Lebara is present in several countries internationally.

Note that if you also have a Lebara France number, you will be able to transfer credit by SMS for free. Ideal to recharge your child’s credit quickly and at any time!

All-in-one bundle 200 minutes

The all-in-one 200-minutes plan provides access to time-limited calls, a 200-SMS envelope, and an internet envelope. This bundle is perfect for teens, as it includes everything they need while setting limits.

200 minutes of calls to France and abroad

If you choose this no-commitment bundle for your teen, they can call France and abroad for 200 minutes. It will be able to reach France, but also 40 foreign destinations (including Europe).

200 SMS to France

A generous envelope, while remaining reasonable. This way, you make sure your teenager doesn’t spend all day texting!

1GB of internet in 4G+

Would you like to make sure your teenager doesn’t spend his time on the Internet with his smartphone? This 1GB envelope is ideal! Your teen will be able to surf from time to time, while having to respect certain limits. This envelope will teach him to manage his time on the internet.

For less than 10€/month, this bundle is one of the most advantageous offers for a teenager. Both complete and limited, such as blocked bundles, it will allow you to effectively manage your child’s consumption.

The Mini 2h bundle

The Mini 2h bundle is ideal if you want to give your child the opportunity to call when he wants. For only 2€/month, your child can call for 2 hours to France.

This cheap mobile bundle is recommended for pre-teens who have just received their first smartphone, for example.

All our bundles are without commitment in the contract. No need to send a registered letter to cancel! Adapt your teen bundle to your monthly need and change it whenever you want! Lebara leaves its users free to communicate in their own way!

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