What are the advantages of using two Lebara SIM cards?

Using two Lebara SIM cards in the same device can be very useful. To be able to enjoy it, you need a smartphone called "dual SIM". This means that it includes two slots for SIM cards, instead of one usually. This function is very popular in Asia and is gradually becoming popular in Europe.

Using a dual SIM with Lebara has mane advantages!

Having two Lebara numbers in the same device

Important advantage nummber one: both numbers. Without haviing to change the device, it is possible to use two Lebara numbers at the same time. Using two SIM cards at a time means you can enjoy two separate lines in the same device. In other words, you save a lot of time and enjoy significant comfort. In a few clicks and after very slight settings, communications with your two lines will be available.

Having two phone numbers is a definite advantag for professionals. Indeed, they can cumulate pro line and personaland private line without having to change device. Have you ever been bothered by a business call or message in the evening or on vacation? By turning off your pro SIM whenever you want, no more surprises! Separate private and business phone calls in just a few clicks.

Be aware that, generally, you can keep the pro line activated and vice versa when you want, or keep both active.

Freedom to communicate everywhere

Using two Lebara SIM cards can change the daily lives of expats, Erasmus students and commuters! Are you in this case? Lebara is present not only in Frabce, but also in Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. If you travel or partially live in one of these countries, dual SIM is one of the good deals.

Having a Lebara France and foreign Lebara number

Using two SIM cards may allow you to obtain a Lebara France number AND a foreign Lebara number. This option is particularly interesting for expatriates, students and border commuters who need to have a number of the 2 countries. This way, you can be reached at any time and meet certain administrative conditions.

Choose your bundles according to your needs

Having a dual SIM allows you to choose two no-commitment bundles to use according to your needs.You can choose one line for your Data and International passes, for example. Thus, you have a dedicated line for mobile internet or international. You can also choose one line for a mini or prepaid bundle and the other for a monthly bundle. Several combinations are possible according to your specific or regular needs!

Under which network do my 2 Lebara SIM work?

Lebara relies on the network of its supplier, Bouygues Telecom. Once your SIM cards are ordered and received, you can insrt them into your device. Usually, after dialing your PIN, you should see "Lebara" or "Bouygues Telecom" displayed on the screen. If not, here is how to fix the problem:

  • Got to the network/connection settings of your smartphone/mobile phone ;

  • Check that the "Network" or "Networks" operator displays "LEBARA" or "Bouygues Telecom" ;

  • If not: select the manual search of your network ;

  • Reset the settings by selecting another network;

  • Perform the manual search again and this time, select "Lebara" or "Bouygues Telecom" ;

  • That's it! Your SIM cards work under the Lebara network.

If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How to manage dual SIM on smartphones?

Generally, SIM 1 and SIM 2 slots are as well delimited and visible. However, for some manufacturers, the SIM 2 slot can be confusing. Indeed, it was noticed that sometimes, the ports "SIM 2" were intended to introduce an SD card. Be sure to check and set up your phone properly in this case.

After the insertion of your 2 SIM, it's very simple! Sometimes you just need to define a distinctive color for the SIM and you can swith from one to the other in a few clicks.

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