12-month Sim Only Terms and Conditions

The Agreement between you and Lebara includes Lebara’s General Terms and Conditions and these Supplemental terms. The Agreement sets out the basis on which we will supply you with a 12 month SIM-only plan.

Your Plan

  1. Your SIM Only plan entitles you to an inclusive allowance of data, minutes and texts. The service is for personal non-commercial use only. See here for full plan details.
  2. By entering into this Agreement you commit to be a Lebara customer for at least 12 months.
  3. If you choose to leave early, you may have to pay some of the remaining charges (see clauses 16 and 17 below.)

  4. Products and Services provided by us and our obligations to you

  5. We provide a SIM card that allows you to access your inclusive allowance of data, minutes and texts which can be used in the United Kingdom.
  6. We rely on other networks to enable you to use your phone abroad (this is known as international roaming). Please see section 19 of Lebara’s General Terms & Conditions for further details.

  7. Data

  8. We provide 3G and 4G coverage. You will need to be within range of a Network base station with a compatible device to make use of the data services we provide.
  9. 7. Your data allowance will depend on the specific SIM Only plan you have chosen. If you have chosen a plan with a capped data allowance, we will let you know when your data is almost finished (80% used) and when it has run out (100%). If your allowance is used up, you can purchase a data bolt on or top-up credit.

  10. If the plan you have chosen does not include unlimited data, we may cap your data allowance speed once your data allowance has been used up. The cap will be removed when your monthly plan renews or when you purchase additional data.
  11. You will be able to use mobile internet on your phone to make internet phone calls (‘VoiP’) use your phone as a modem (‘tethering’) and for peer to peer file sharing.
  12. For plans including unlimited data, a fair use policy applies outside the UK.

  13. Your obligations

  14. You must pay the agreed monthly charge each month in advance by credit or debit card, or via Paypal.
  15. If you leave early, you must pay us a charge set in accordance with clauses 16 and 17 below.
  16. You must give us accurate and up to date address and contact information so we can bill and contact you.

  17. Your Device

  18. The Agreement is for a SIM only service. Your device is your responsibility. You will need to resolve any problems related to your device (such as locking to a network). We are not able to help with those issues.

  19. Ending the Agreement

  20. This Agreement can be ended for convenience by Lebara giving you at least 30 days’ Notice. If Lebara is required to terminate the Agreement for reasons beyond its control, Lebara may terminate this Agreement with immediate effect. You will be required to pay any outstanding Charges, this includes Charges incurred during the notice period.
  21. If you choose to end this Agreement before the initial 12 month period ends, you agree to pay us a Charge equal to the cost of your plan multiplied by the number of remaining months (including the days remaining in a part-month). We will reduce this charge by VAT and any costs we would not incur as a result of the termination of your Agreement.
  22. You will need to contact our customer service team who will calculate the specific amount to be paid. The customer service team can be contacted by chat or phone.

  23. Customer support

  24. If a problem arises, you can contact us by chat or phone
  25. If you have a complaint about our service, we will do our best to resolve it in accordance with our Complaints Code of Practice. If we cannot, you have the right to independent adjudication by the Ombudsman Service: Communications, as set out in our Complaints Code of Practice.