Say goodbye to 3G and hello to better connections

You may have seen in the news that all UK networks have committed to switching-off their 3G network. At Lebara, this will be done in phases with a plan to complete by December 2023. This will allow us to focus on strengthening 4G and 5G networks which support faster data speeds and better call quality. We’ll start by switching off our 3G network in the Plymouth and Basingstoke areas in February 2023. We’ll share more information about our plans to switch off 3G across the rest of the UK soon. 

What does this mean to you?

  • 2G Handset: No impact to you.
  • 3G Handset: You will need to upgrade your handset to a 4G/5G compatible phone if you wish to use internet on your phone (through mobile data). You will need to buy a sim free handset to continue using your current Lebara SIM. Just so that you know, we have partnered with Samsung to bring you at least 5% discount (much more on most devices) across Samsung’s website (Finance options available). Click here to explore the hottest deals. Alternatively, you could buy any other handset brand from any other retailer. If you don’t use mobile data, then you don’t need to upgrade. Calls and texts will continue to work (on 2G).
  • 4G/5G Handset: No impact but its better to set up 4G calling to enjoy clearer calls. 4G calling uses your phone’s 4G data but don’t worry it won't come out of your data allowance or affect your other data streaming. Follow steps below to set up 4G calling
    1. Find out your IMEI number(Dial *#06# from your phone to get your IMEI number)
    2. Click here to Insert your IMEI number and follow instructions to enable 4G calling on your handset. You will be directed to our partner Vodafone’s device Help section to complete this process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Twenty years ago, 3G was excellent for the way we used phones and communicated. Since that time, technology has developed and advanced, allowing us to concentrate on making our 4G and 5G networks even better.
After we turn off 3G, we'll be able to use that section of the network to enhance the speed and capacity of both 4G and 5G, giving you quicker and more stable connections
If you haven’t moved over to 4G or 5G when 3G is switched off, and you have a 3G phone, you’ll be switched over to our 2G network. You’ll still be able to send texts and make calls, but you can’t be able to use the data .
Where there is 3G today we will have 4G and 2G.
Your 3G device will drop to 2G for voice but data will not work.
Like all other networks, we’ve agreed to meet the government’s plan to switch off 2G by 2033 – but we won’t be switching off our 2G network anytime soon.
Yes, Lebara has partnered with Samsung to offer you at least 5% discount (and often much more) across their entire range when you buy online. Click here to access the deals.
Call us at 5588 (9am to 9pm 365 days a year) and we will sort it out for you.