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What is text relay?

Text relay is a service aimed at helping individuals with hearing and/ or speech impairment to make a call. The Text relay service converts text into speech and speech into text.

How does this work?

The text relay service can be accessed through a free app (internet connection will be required to use the application).

Once the text relay app has been installed and set up, the caller is able to make a call facilitated through the text relay service by dialling prefix 18001 and the number. A relay assistant will act as an intermediary between both the caller and the receiver, converting the text into speech in real time. Similarly, the call receiver is able to speak to the relay assistant who then corresponds with the caller.

Making an emergency call through text relay.

To make an emergency call through the text relay service, the prefix 18000 should be used before the emergency number.

For more information on how to use text relay please visit the Next Generation Text Service on

Upon request, Lebara offers bills/top up history in Braille, large print, audio and E-text.

To access this information please contact our friendly customer service team via chat, call, email or letter here

If you are blind, partially sighted, unable to read or hold a telephone directory, you can access the 195 free directories enquires service. Once you have signed up to the 195 service an operator will be able to retrieve your required number and connect you.

How do I sign up for this service?

For information on how to sign up for this service, please visit or dial 0800 5870195 to request a registration form. What do I do once I have received my PIN Once you have received your PIN from BT, please contact our customer service team who will then be able to configure the service with our network operator. For more information, please contact our friendly customer service team.

You can nominate a friend or family member to view your bill or to look after your account. To do this, contact our customer service team who will be able to set this up for you. Please note, we will require consent from the nominee to act on your behalf.

At Lebara, we will do our best to ensure that your needs have been met. Our customer service agents will tailor our service to best meet your needs in a confidential, helpful and proactive manner.

In order for Lebara to provide you with the best possible service, tailored to your needs, we would advise registering with Lebara first.