Saving money with Lebara has never been easier. Did you know that every time you top up we give you an extra 25% of your credit amount? That goes into a piggy bank, once that piggy bank reaches £10 you can spend it on credit or bundles. This means you’ve got an extra £10 to spend on something else. You can view your piggy bank in the MyLebara app or online in your account.

Need an example? Meet Kishan.

Kishan tops up £10 every month. He usually buys an All In One Bundle 10 to call his family in India and friends here in the UK. Every time Kishan tops up £10, an extra 25% goes into his piggy bank, which is £2.50. After 4 months of topping up with Lebara, Kishan’s piggy bank reaches £10. That is an extra £10 he earned by just topping up. That money he can freely spend on credit or bundles. And because Kishan already tops up £10 with Lebara every month, he can now use that extra saved up money in his piggy bank, to buy his next All in One 10 bundle.

This means Kishan now has now saved himself an extra £10. To spend on his Netflix account or something else.

Be like Kishan, and start topping up and saving up at the same time.

What are you going to spend your extra £10 on? Top up now.