Picture it now, you’re stranded at the bus stop; no credit, no data, and it’s just started to rain. Most of us don’t realise how precious our phones are until we’ve run out of minutes and need to make a call. If you’re finding the following points a little too familiar, it might be time to make the move from PAYG to SIM Only plan.

Sign 1: Top ups are taking over your bank account

Your PAYG can make it very easy to lose sight of the overall cost, and if you take a look at how much you’ve spent on top ups per month, you’ll probably start to wish you swapped to a SIM Only plan sooner. We have lots of plans that can cover calls and data nationally and internationally, so you can keep in touch with those near and far for a set price. Not only will you be able to keep in contact with your loved ones, but you’ll also save plenty of pennies!


Sign 2: Most of your calls end without a goodbye

Are your family and friendly growing weary of your suddenly ending phone calls? Forget conversations that stop mid-sentence and data that runs out whenever you need it most. Our international plan gives you the freedom to call 41 countries for just £10, and the safety of unlimited calls. Or, if you’re also looking for a plan that covers UK minutes and data, our best selling all-in-one plan could be just what you need.

Sign 3: You’re lacking in routine

If you’re exploring Europe, studying away from home, or just unsure about what’s ahead, you might enjoy your PAYG method and its lack of commitment. However, as you struggle to find the time for regular tops ups, you may often find yourself lacking in data or minutes. Fortunately for you, our plans allow for complete flexibility and control with the option to change plans, auto renew, or cancel at anytime. Take a look and find the right one for you!

Sign 4: You’re on the move

If you’re often hopping from location to location; travelling, or just visiting home, you might think that staying on a PAYG deal is your only choice; not at all! Choosing a flexible plan can save you money and be suitable for your lifestyle. Fortunately for you, we do allow for free EU roaming with SIM Only plans, allowing you to travel without the worries of topping up.


While paying as you go does come with its own benefits, if you’re struggling to keep up with your top ups and dream of making your monthly payments regular, it’s probably time to make the switch from PAYG to SIM Only plan…


Trying out our low-commitment plans can make life for you and your phone calls home simpler, easier, and more cost effective. Take a look at our plans and find the perfect one for you.