October 2017

Things you should NOT share…but you do!

Friend: ‘Wait, wait, let me just take a picture of my food for insta!’ Me: ‘Hurry up, it’s getting cold…’ Stop right there. It’s time to talk about oversharing. And we don’t just mean on social media, we mean everywhere. Here are 6 things that we share but we reeeeaallly shouldn’t. Bathroom bits… hey where

It’s Africa on the Square time!

Explore the vibrant celebration here   Ready, set, dance! And eat! And sing! October is an eventful month, especially in a busy place like London, and one of the events we want to highlight this Black History Month is… *suspense*... you guessed it: Africa on the Square! Happening on October 14th, Africa on the Square

Connect with us at Diwali on the Square

On October 15th 2017, thousands of people will come together to celebrate the festival of light… and of course, we can’t stay away! With celebrations lasting a total of five days (yes, that’s right! FIVE!), Diwali celebrates the triumph of light over darkness and good over evil. For most, the third day of Diwali is