Friend: ‘Wait, wait, let me just take a picture of my food for insta!’

Me: ‘Hurry up, it’s getting cold…’

Stop right there. It’s time to talk about oversharing. And we don’t just mean on social media, we mean everywhere. Here are 6 things that we share but we reeeeaallly shouldn’t.

Bathroom bits… hey where did my flannel go?

Getting up late and rushing into the bathroom, we wonder why our toothbrush is already wet?? That’s not right. You see, we’re all known for borrowing other peoples bathroom bits. Your dads razor, your sisters lipstick your flatmates toothbrush? Ew. But how can we blame you? In the panic of the morning we’re not thinking straight. Hmmmm…. Anyway, we won’t tell, just stop doing it. Light hearted revenge being an exception.

Loud phone conversations

‘Hahahahaha’ shrieks a guy on the seat in front of us on the train. He’s having a really LOUD conversation. So far I’ve found out that his mate, Nile, is stranded in Japan with nothing but a tent, food rations, and a Lebara sim card. Let’s hope he finds his way back! But that’s not the point. We would like to stop hearing your loud conversations on the train, our commute is already long enough without hearing you jabber on.

Awful jokes

You know those jokes where the beginning of the joke is better than the actual punchline? These are the jokes that make you question your mate’s comedy career. Life is about enjoying life and having fun, but hearing a bad joke can just about ruin anyone’s day. And yet at the same time, we somehow can’t get enough of horrible humour. Take christmas crackers for instance, who even writes those? Anyway, if you’ve got a oke tucked away somewhere make sure it’s a good one.

Life updates on social

Social media is great, sharing has never been easier. So much so, that we now share everything! From cat GIFS to restaurant meals, #transformationtuesdays to ‘it’s complicated’ statuses, we know everything. This makes it much harder to share things in person because, well, everyone already knows! So next time you find yourself reaching to post an instagram image of your food, stop. Stop, and enjoy the moment instead. Happy chatting!

Keep secrets, secrets.

Going out is simply wonderful. You start the night tame, have a little boogy and before you know it you’re telling your deepest darkest secrets to the lady in the cubicle next to you! What?? Yep nights-out often brings out the friendly side in all of us. Despite this, it’s probably best you refrain from doing this. Who knows who that person may be. When you’re rich and famous you MAY just find your story plastered over the next Cosmopolitan Magazine. So when your mum told you to not talk to strangers, you should have listened.

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