The words ‘Black Friday’ remind many of us of news reports from the USA, featuring swarms of frantic shoppers trampling over each other (commercialized-zombie-apocalypse-style) to grab a discounted flat screen TV. It is the world’s 2nd largest international shopping date and is famous for turning the best of us into shopping monsters!

This huge shopping event is only (understandably) second place in size to China’s Single’s Day: an ‘anti-Valentine’s Day’ where individuals revel in single-hood by purchasing themselves gifts.

*P.S. We know what you’re thinking, and yes we will move to China with you.

When is and what is Black Friday?

Black Friday was born in the USA and takes place on the day after Thanksgiving – falling on Friday, November the 24th, 2017. As this is a prime day to begin Christmas shopping, ‘Black Friday’ originally described the congestion on the roads due to this. However, as the event became more popular ‘Black Friday’ became the date when many retailers moved their accounts from being ‘in the red’ to being ‘in the black.’

In the red = No profit

In the black = Profit gains

So, Black Friday = Kerching!!!

You may have heard of Cyber Monday, this is Black Friday’s nerdy little sister that takes place the following Monday. Cyber Monday is a day for the hottest deals in tech town. Over the years, Black Friday has started to engulf Cyber Monday’s technology sales, so don’t be surprised if many offers run from Friday, over the weekend, all the way to Monday night too.


Do I have to go to work on Black Friday?

Yes, sadly Black Friday isn’t a national holiday. You may even have to work longer hours if you are in retail (…sorry!)

 Why haven’t I heard of Black Friday before?

Answer A: You don’t go on the internet enough.

Answer B: Black Friday only started to become an ‘international thing’ as online shopping grew more popular. American retailers looked for opportunities to sell more across the pond and Britons, who love a bargain, lapped up the great offers.

The UK is now hooked on the event and popularity is just growing around the world too. With the growth of eCommerce, countries such as India and Mexico are increasingly taking part. Romania has started to celebrate and even cut ahead of their US retail friends by beginning their Black Friday sales a week before the official US date. Ouch.

What SIM and mobile offers are Lebara Mobile doing for Black Friday?

 We are glad you asked. As petrol is pricey and it’s getting nippy outside, we thought we’d avoid any camping for great offers outside Lebara HQ and give you our best offers online!

 Santa is visiting Lebara early! This Black Friday you’ll be able to grab 1000 UK minutes & 2GB for £10 just £1! That’s 90% off our UK plan- meaning more calls home for less. Click here to learn more about our Black Friday offer and ahem…no stampedes, please!

Out 90% off deal is for new customers only but don’t worry we have the competition open for everyone! We have big prizes up for grabs in November for all our customers who make an online purchase. You have a chance to win the brand new iPhoneX or one of the 3 Lebara All in One £10 plans free for one year which gives you loads of data, national and international minutes.


What else is happening?

Online, we’ve found some deals to get excited about. The festive season is on the way and everyone wants to sparkle during celebrations, so we are loving Braun’s huge discounts on grooming electrical at Boots.

The rumour mill has suggested Amazon will be discounting their famous Amazon Echo on Black Friday- and yes, that does mean you can demand ‘Alexa, play Santa Clause is coming to town!’ the whole way through December.

Most retailers tend to keep their cards close to their chests before Black Friday, which means the best time for find a good deal online is on the day. If you are heading to the high street: start with a game plan, remember there’s safety in numbers, and utilise our 2GB data for £10 offer to ensure there’s #NoDataDrama while you’re out there.