A new year, a fresh start… Hmm, how many times have you said that before?!

If you’re living far from home, it’s all too easy for our old habits to hold us back. This year, it’s time to really make those promises to yourself!

So dust off those trainers, rise from the sofa and bin the chocolate, because we’ve got five resolution ideas to help you make the most of living in your new country. Happy 2018!

Make new friends

If you’re studying or working abroad, it’s easier to socialize with friends from your own country. But if you stick to the same circle of ‘safe’ friends you’ll be missing out on even more fun you could be having with new ones!

So get out there and get social! Whether it’s joining a local club, gym or learning a new skill (knitting, anyone?), you can never have enough friends, right?


 Phone home more often


Feeling homesick is rubbish… but guess what? Thanks to Lebara’s cheap international calls and free SIM, it’s easy to keep in touch! Make a commitment to call home more frequently and update your relatives about a new change you’ve made or a surprising discovery about your new country.

Tip: ask for treasured family recipes and invite some new friends round to try them. If you haven’t discovered by now, food is the quickest way to a Brit’s heart!


Do more of what the locals do

Make it your mission to find out what the locals do for fun! Whether it’s going to a local festival, asking new colleagues or neighbours for recommendations or visiting the local tourist sites, you’re sure to find a new hobby or even food you’ve never tasted before! Don’t forget to send a selfie home from the new places you discover!


Get out more


Sure, January can be a liiittle chilly in the UK, but so long as you’re dressed for the great outdoors, even in a city there are some fantastic green spaces to explore. Research local activity groups, like walking, cycling or history tours. Like-minded people always welcome new members and there’s usually a coffee break where you can practice your new language skills and get a slice of cake. Win, win!


Set up camp

How long have you been meaning to make your new home feel a little more, well, homely? Now’s your chance! Make one of your resolutions to make your home a more welcoming place to be. Pin up some posters, add some cosy accessories like rugs, cushions and blankets and get your favourite phone snaps printed out so you can have familiar faces around the house. They’ll make a great conversation starter when you invite your new friends over! Plus, pictures of your cosy new place will make for a great envy-inducing Instagram post… Mwa-ha-ha!

Whatever your plans for 2018, make sure you share your adventures with family and friends back home! Lebara’s mobile plans give you cheap international calls and a SIM card – completely free!