Determined to keep those New Year’s resolutions this year?! No problemo! You may be miles away from the family and friends who usually keep you on track – with elbow nudges and cries of, “Step AWAY from the muffin!” – but that doesn’t have to mean you’re set for a New Year’s resolution fail. Here are eight apps that will help you stick to your promises for a happier, healthier you in 2018!

#1 Sworkit

According to a recent study, people who use exercise apps are more likely to exercise than those who don’t use them. Sworkit – which stands for ‘Simply Work It’ – offers exercise videos demonstrated by personal trainers with more than 200 types of exercises. Download the app and get into the exercise habit each day, share it with friends and amaze yourself with the results!  

#2 Me.time

Fancy a spot of self-discovery? Me.time – aka ‘My Little Memory Box’ – is an app that help you do just that. It’s a simple diary/journal that helps you to work out what makes you, well, YOU! Answer daily questions, organise your thoughts and learn more about yourself. You can view other people’s responses to the similar questions and share yours. Cool!

#3 Calm

Calm is Apple’s 2017 App of the Year – and for good reason! It offers help with reducing anxiety, managing stress and getting better sleep with breathing exercises, relaxation and meditation. Track your progress and treat yourself to a little more ‘me’ time – you deserve it!

#4 Studio Studio has HD videos that demonstrate 389 poses and breathing exercises that will improve your physical and mental well-being, control stress levels and help you get beach body ready. Plus, their fun website contains articles and quizzes and allows you to interact with their entire yoga community. So, strike a pose!

#5 MyFitnessPal

Aiming to slim down? Look no further than MyFitnessPal. Enter your current weight, amount of exercise you plan to do and your target weight and each day the app will do the calorie counting for you as you track what you eat. What’s more? The app is absolutely free – wahoo!

#6 Timetree

Timetree is a calendar-sharing app that can create and manage events you’re planning with friends, family, colleagues and well, anyone! Connect calendars and Timetree will quickly work out the best dates and times for your invitees to attend your event. It even has a chat facility that allows you to talk before the event and then reminisce afterwards. Party planning – sorted!

#7 Klok

Yes, we’ve all been there, you need to ring your family and friends back home and – oops! You forgot they’ll be fast asleep because they’re in a totally different time zone. Awkward! Klok – a free international app that displays the time across the world – will stop you making that mistake again! The clocks are even color-coded black or white so you can tell if it’s day or night at a glance.

Along with a free SIM from Lebara Mobile and a cheap international call plan, you are now perfectly equipped to phone home cheaply – and at the right time! (Ahem).

#8 Google Translate

A must-have app for anyone living in a different country, Google translates words as you speak or type in real-time and can be used on or offline. The reason we love it so much? One of its features, Word Lens, allows you to point your camera phone at just about anything – a sign or words on a page – and translate it in front of your eyes. Perfect if your New Year’s resolution is to improve your language skills but jolly handy for bailing you out of a potentially sticky situation, i.e. ‘Minimum parking charge £12’, or ‘Wet Paint!’.


#9 MyLebara App


Making time to speak to friends, family and the people we love more often is always top of the list when it comes to New Year’s resolutions. Using the MyLebara app makes topping up your Lebara credit and viewing your balance easy peasy, download the app here and get phoning home:


So, there you have it! Now, hands-up who’s calling home to brag about keeping your resolutions for more than 24 hours?! Good luck!