One word: SPRING! That’s right, warmer weather, lighter evenings and blossoming trees are coming soon to a neighbourhood near you! So it’s time to ditch the gloves and scarves, dust off your Converse and allow your ankles to feel the breeze for the first time in months…

And we’re not the only ones excited by the prospect of spring. In fact, there are festivals to mark the start of the new season happening across the globe. We’ve listed four celebrations to help add a little extra spring to your step this month (see what we did there?).

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This ancient Romanian festival is celebrated every year on the 1st March. The name – if you hadn’t guessed – comes from the Romanian word for March; Martie! Traditionally, people would celebrate Mărțișor by hanging a red and white string at the gate of their house, shed, window, or even cattle’s horn, to ward off evil spirits and summon the start of spring.

Today, the use of red and white threads still exists, except that now, they’re tied in a bow and given with trinkets to friends and family for good luck – cute!  Traditionally, men give women the decorated string in white and red as a hope that they will be strong and healthy for the year to come.



Also known as the festival of colours, this Indian celebration is exactly that; colourful! Celebrated the day after the full moon in March each year (2 March in 2018), people gather in the streets and throw coloured dye at each other to welcome in the spring season. The festival is a symbol of triumph of good over evil. And as if that wasn’t enough, there are parties, festivities and feasts, too!



This medieval Polish tradition sees the downfall of Marzanna – the Slavic goddess of winter, plague and death – on the 21st March each year. Children make a Marzanna doll and decorate her with ribbons and colourful clothing. Then – with the help of a grown up – they take her to the nearest riverbank or bridge, set her alight and then throw her into the water. This signals the end of winter, the arrival of spring and hopefully, a good harvest. Yikes!




Cimburijada aka the ‘Festival of Scrambled Eggs’ is a cracking Bosnian celebration where people gather in their thousands in Zenica, Bosnia, and eat scrambled eggs for free! The focus of the festival – the egg – is a symbol of new life as the new season begins. *Hastily Googles flight prices to Bosnia on 21st March*. Thank goodness for Lebara’s cheap data plans!


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