Who remembers the days of going abroad and having to turn off your data roaming? How on Earth did we survive without streaming our favourite #HolidayTunes playlists, using Google maps or posting smug, envy-inducing Insta stories to annoy all your friends back home?!

We’ve got some good news for you… with cheap mobile plans from Lebara Mobile, you’ll be able to do all the above and more without worrying about your bill from anywhere in the EU! So you can WhatsApp, FaceTime, Tweet, Facebook and Insta until your heart’s content – much to the annoyance of your friends!

Here are six examples of when that cheap data roaming will come in handy – especially over the long Easter weekend coming up, 30th March – 2 April!

1. Getting around


Need to find your hotel, nearest station or that little cafe that your friend recommended – or are you just plain lost? With roaming, you can access all your map, location and taxi apps wherever you are without worrying about draining your data.


2. Finding the best places to eat


Looking forward to posting some #Foodstagram-related pics? With EU roaming, you can pop online while you’re out and about and find all the local foodie hotspots. Don’t forget to check local blogs, travel websites and TripAdvisor for the best local tips!

3. Keeping in touch with home



No longer do you have to send a letter back home, and wait weeks to get a reply – let alone wonder if it even made it across the pond! With Lebara’s cheap international calls, you can call or video call home and not worry about racking up the £££!

4. Converting currency


Bartering over some pineapple-shaped sunglasses and need to work out how much they cost in pounds? With cheap international roaming you can keep that online currency converter on hand for when you need to work out how much you’re paying for a pizza, cup of coffee or buying a gift for your friends back home!

5. Accessing emails


Just arrived in a new country and realised your hotel confirmation is buried somewhere in your 1,489 unread emails? Doh! With EU roaming, you can fire up your emails without the fear of how long you’ll be scrolling through to find that confirmation… forgot to check in online for your flight? No problemo – do it on the go!

6. No more relying on WiFi hotspots


WiFi hotspots are handy (especially in the unfortunate event of a #NoDataDrama – don’t worry, we’ve got bolt ons for those!) but they’re not always reliable, or easy to find! They also don’t often allow you to stream or download – and you’ve got a Walking Dead episode to catch up on! Whip out the phone, and get your zombie fix instantly!

Wherever you are over Easter weekend, know that your roaming is covered with Lebara Mobile! You can buy cheap international data starting from just £5 for 500MB and top up whenever you please. With cheap EU roaming, you’ll have your best adventure yet!