As the lockdown eases and many of us look forward to get back into the world of a “new normal”, an ongoing uncertainty hangs in the air. A common question on everyone’s mind – what I can do to reduce my bills and save cash while we ride out this period of the unknown.

If you are reviewing your household budget and looking to pay less for more value, at Lebara we have some top tips that will come handy to reduce your bill on your mobile plan.

1)  Check the terms of your contract

Are you coming up for a renewal or already out of contract? You could be one of the estimated million customers overpaying for their airtime and may be able to switch to a cheaper SIM Only deal. Lebara’s SIM Only deals start from just £5 and include, data, UK mins and texts. They are also 30-day rolling, so you can change or cancel anytime, based on your usage needs.


2) Review your usage

Do you really use that 100GB data or is your average usage closer to 5GB? SIM Only plans come at various price points depending on your data needs. If you don’t really use all that unlimited or large data allowance, you may be able to dramatically cut costs on your plan by just choosing one that more closely matches your usage needs.

In the same spirit of choosing a deal that best suits your needs, check if you have any special usage requirements like making regular international calls. If you do end up picking up a monthly bolt on for your international usage or paying hefty PAYG charges for that fortnightly call to mom/friend/cousin living abroad – you may want to switch to a plan inclusive of international minutes.

Check our SIM Only deals which range from 2GB to Unlimited data allowances and each one of them include at least 100 international mins to 41 countries.

3) Can you wait for your next handset upgrade?

If you are looking to save cash, it may not be the right time to splurge on the latest new version of your favourite device brand. If your current handset works well, choosing a deal without a handset included may often cut your bill by half. But if you still want to switch handsets, it maybe worthwhile to check handset financing options along with a SIM Only deal.

4) Activate a spend cap on your plan

How many times have we all dialled an international number or sent a premium text by mistake and then couldn’t believe the amount showing on our bill as out of allowance or extra charges? Take control and set up limits or spend caps with your provider. With Lebara, out of bundle spend can be capped at £0, so you don’t get any nasty surprises.

5) Introduce a friend to your network

Now this one is more about making some extra cash by virtue of using your mobile network’s Refer a friend scheme. Often, bringing a new customer on board your current network gets you discounted deals or gift vouchers to spend on stuff you like. Lebara’s Refer and Earn programme can help you earn cash – upto £50 per referral. An easy opportunity to make extra cash from the comfort of home!

We hope you can try some of these tips to pay less and get more value out of your mobile deal.