Everyone will agree that 2020 had been a crazy year. So, you might be feeling that you want to treat yourself to something new to make yourself feel better.

However, you’re probably also strapped for cash. Money is tight these days, so we all need to make every penny count.

Thankfully, there are still quite a few pesky treats one can get for as little as £5. What you buy is up to you, but you need to make sure you make the most of your treat money and that you really enjoy it.

At Lebara, we understand that good value is important, which is why we offer our most popular Lebara plan for just £5. These incredible mobile plans come with 2GB of data, as well as 1000 UK minutes & texts and 100 international minutes too.

There are ofcourse more things you can get for a fiver, but nothing as good as our £5 mobile plans. We’ve listed some other products you could get for yourself for a fiver, just for quick comparison and drive home our point on just how much good value we pack into our plans. Here’s a list of some of the other items you can get for just a fiver. The prices are correct as of publishing this post, but might differ  depending on the channel you buy the product. Use this post to make an informed decision and find the best way to spend your £5.

A Snappy New Item of Clothing

It’s impossible to get a full outfit for £5, but you can make your way towards one with a new piece of clothing from Everything5Pounds.com.

All clothing on the site is a fiver or less, although you do have to pay for postage. Still, it’s a good deal, and you’ll have the chance to enjoy one piece of clothing for the price of our 2GB mobile data plan.

The clothing is surprisingly good quality, but it won’t last forever. Still, you can look good and feel better for less if you shop at this store, or hit the sales at another clothing shop.

When you choose one of our plans, it keeps giving you that value, flexibility and experience every month at the same cost! While clothing is fun, is it really better than enjoying the coverage one of our plans can offer?

A Supply Of Your Favourite Snacks

If you’re feeling peckish and want to buy yourself some tasty treats, then a fiver is the ideal sum to spend. You can get a generous supply of most salty or sweet snacks, such as branded chocolate and crisps, for around £5.

Snacks are tasty, but once you’ve eaten them and the craving satisfied, that is it!. With Lebara’s £5 mobile deal, you can keep using your  data, minutes, and texts for the full month.

So, you can decide to choose one of our mobile plans and get a month’s worth of staying connected, or get the fleeting pleasure of a jumbo pack of snacks. We know what we’d spend our last fiver on!

Pretty Jewellery

Jewellery is usually an expensive purchase, but thankfully you can buy costume pieces for less than a fiver. Cheap jewellery isn’t as well-made or long-lasting as expensive pieces made from quality materials.

Still, if you’re looking to cheer yourself up with something sparkly, then a piece of costume jewellery could do the trick.

Remember, jewellery is only worth buying if you’ll wear it and enjoy it. If you can’t find the perfect piece, then consider choosing one of Lebara’s mobile plans instead.

For the same as the cost of a piece of costume jewellery, you can get international minutes. With these, you can talk to friends around the world on your mobile.

We also give you 2GB of data with our £5 mobile data plans so that you can have fun on the go. For £5, your mobile plan also includes a 1000 texts and 1000 UK minutes.

If you need more, then you can upgrade. We offer a range of mobile plans, some of which come with unlimited minutes or data. So, there’s something for every mobile user at Lebara.

A Cheap Lunch

Most meal deals in supermarkets cost less than a fiver. That means you can treat yourself to a readymade meal. You usually get a drink, a snack and a sandwich or salad.

While saving yourself time packing lunch for work might sound useful, Lebara’s £5 mobile plan is even more helpful. We offer you the chance to enjoy 100 international minutes and 1000 UK minutes so that you can chat away on your commute.

Instead of buying a readymade sandwich that isn’t as nice as a homemade one, you could get one of our SIM Only mobile plans, that gives you 2GB of data. You can use that to entertain yourself in your break and connect with your colleagues on social media.

The 2GB Lebara Sim Only Mobile Plan

If you want to keep in touch with your friends, surf the web on the go, and more, then the 2GB Sim Only monthly plan from Lebara could be the perfect option for you.

For just £5, you get 1000 UK minutes, plus 100 International minutes to 41 countries and 1000 UK texts. You also get 2GB of 4G mobile data to shop online, catch up on social media, watch videos on your mobile phone, and more!

The plan will auto-renew every month unless you cancel it, so you’ll get your minutes, data and texts refreshed every 30 days for just £5.

Lebara uses Vodafone for our UK mobile coverage on all our plans, so you know that you’ll get great coverage and can use any of our data plans with no speed caps and even the option to tether your data to another device.

We don’t need a credit check, so you can sign up often in less than 60 secs, connecting you with friend and family around the world at the tap of your fingertips.

The plan renews every 30 days until you tell us otherwise. You can just log into your MyLebara dashboard to change or cancel at any time.

So, when you’re considering what to buy with £5, think about all you could do with one of the Lebara SIM Only plans.

Happy shopping!