With the leaders of the world descending on COP26, mobile-SIM provider Lebara has calculated how much world leaders are probably spending on their international calls during the conference. A 10 minute back to their home country each day for those outside the EU can cost up to £30!

With the world looking to up their green credentials and make a change for the sake of the planet, looking at technology usage and how daily tech use effects your carbon footprint is probably the least of your worries. However UK households can throw away 155,000 tonnes of domestic electrical waste every year!

Making sustainable choices with your tech can go a long way in terms of your environmental impact, such as waiting to upgrade your smart phone for another year and keeping your old handset can save over 100kg of CO2 emissions alone.

It’s not just tech wastage that is leading to an increase in carbon dioxide. An engineer at the University of East London calculated that the five billion streams generated by Justin Bieber’s video for Despacito consumed over 250,000 tons of carbon dioxide. Thats much electricity as some African countries consume in a single year!

Holding onto your tech for a little longer can really make the difference and rather than upgrading when your contract ends, a SIM-only deal is a great value for money option to consider and good for the planet. As the majority of carbon emissions from mobile phones comes from manufacturing, holding onto your mobile for a few years longer can do the planet a world of good.

Get greener with your tech, with some of the best SIM-only deals on the market from Lebara and all plans including 100 international minutes to 41 countries from just £5.

Note: *Cost of international calling calculated from top 5 UK network providers international calling costs to EU and non-EU countries as shown on their websites as at 30th October 2021.