Managing a business, even if it is only a small one with a limited number of team members and customers, is always challenging.

In 2021, it is even tougher as you and your employees navigate the strange and strained post-pandemic economy.

Thankfully, modern technology allows small business owners such as yourself the chance to improve your work and complete tasks on the go.

With a smartphone, you can download apps for small business owners and use them to optimise your business management.

If you’re a small business owner looking to optimise your leadership and save yourself time, then check out this list of the best small business apps available on iOS and Android.


If you want to improve project management and communicate with your team members wherever they are, Slack could be the ideal solution.

This innovative mobile app is easy to use and intuitive, offering users the chance to send private or group messages.

For informal internal communications, you can share quick updates and reply with emojis to visually express your feelings.

If you want to collaborate with other organisations, you can invite them to join you in Slack conversations to save time and make communication smoother and more efficient.


For companies that sell items in a store or in-person, a point of sale mobile app is crucial. You need a reliable app that gives you secure connections and allows you to take payment quickly and safely.

With the rise in electronic payments over recent months, as cash is considered less safe, you need a tool to take payments from your customers.

That’s where Vend comes into play. Vend is a market-leading, pioneering electronic point of sale solution that was one of the first on the market.

It’s easy to use and works both off and online, so you can use it even when you don’t have access to the internet.


As businesses move online and consumers use social media for almost everything, small business owners such as yourself need to ensure they’re always connected.

Hootsuite provides a social media marketing dashboard that gives you the chance to run all of your business accounts from one place.

In Summary

With this innovative mobile app, you can quickly add updates, make comments and manage your business’s reputation on popular social media sites.

Most of these apps are free to download, and many come with a free version. For small business owners that want to

These apps for business owners can help you save time and effort, but they require data. If you’re not working from home anymore, or you have to pop out of the house, then you’ll need to make sure that you have enough data to run your small business apps.

Check out SIM-Only deals and compare the costs to find one that gives you enough coverage at the right price.

If you find that you’re running low on data, then Lebara gives you the flexibility to move to a bigger plan.

Alternatively, you can choose add ons to enhance your monthly bundle and ensure that you always have enough data to run your small business apps.

Use this list to find the best small business apps on the market currently and find ones that will help you to drive your company to success in 2021 and beyond.