When you’re buying a new smartphone, you need to make sure that you find one with all the features you want.

If you look at the best phones on offer right now and are buying a phone later this year, you’ll see some trends that you should learn about to find the best smartphone for you.

In this blog post, we explore the features that we’re seeing in the latest smartphones to help you to find your dream phone in 2021.

5G Accessibility

One of the most significant changes in the world of mobile phones in 2021 is the implementation of 5G technology.

Most of the new phones launched in 2021, including the Samsung Galaxy S20 range, the Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra, the Apple iPhone 12 and many other flagship and even cheaper models, come with 5G capabilities.

Both Android phone options and iPhones have this capability, so whatever brand and operating system you prefer, you can find one with 5G capability.

5G coverage is growing throughout the UK, so if you want to use this innovative solution, then you can with many of the biggest flagship phones and many budget options.

Foldable Phones Are Back

Everyone remembers the original Motorola Razr with fondness, but since the advent of touchscreen mobiles, many flip phone options haven’t been successful.

In 2021, many major brands, including Samsung, have embraced flip and foldable phones. Part of Samsung’s Galaxy range, the Galaxy Z Fold is just one example of a quality device that is foldable and has a fold through the touchscreen to make the most of the screen size.

The rise of foldable phones means that if you want a compact device that gives you the benefits of the best smartphones and technology out there, but with the retro appearance and space-saving capability of a flip phone, then you can find the right model this year.  

The Front Camera Is Now Under The Display

Traditionally, most phones had a main camera on the back of the device, with any other lenses such as wide-angle or optical zoom next to the main rear camera.

On the front, the camera usually sat on top of the screen so that you lost a small amount of your touchscreen to the selfie camera.

Oppo launched the first under-display camera a few years ago, but the technology has evolved since then and is now more accessible and user-friendly.

Today, Samsung and other major device makers are embracing this cutting-edge technology. When you’re looking for the best phone for you, you should check out options with under-display front cameras.

Once you’ve chosen the new smartphone for you, you should go online and check out stores that offer cheap smartphones online.

From there, you can find your dream smartphone model at the right price. Once you have your handset, you can check out the best SIM-only deals on the market to get the network coverage you need to make the most of your trendy new mobile phone.