Photography is a fun hobby for many creative individuals. It’s incredibly accessible, particularly thanks to the rise in the availability of quality camera phones.

New phone camera technology has allowed many photographers to save space and money by combining cumbersome camera equipment with their mobile phones.

It also means that you can hone your photography skills before you start investing heavily in an expensive camera setup.

There are many smartphones and smartphone cameras available, so you need to make sure that you choose the right phone camera.

Here are some of the main factors and pieces of camera phone technology that you need to consider when exploring the best camera phones on the market.

A Variety Of Lenses And Cameras

The standard smartphone has at least one rear camera and a front camera, but many higher-specification devices also offer additional cameras, lenses and options.

Alongside the main camera, you could also get a dedicated macro camera, low-light cameras, ultra-wide-angle lenses, zoom lenses and more.

These various types of phone cameras each produce a different effect on your photos, so you need to consider the type of images you want to take before you start your search for top camera phones on the market currently.

Screen Size

As you’ll be viewing your images through the camera on your phone, you need to make sure that the screen is the right size.

A larger screen will allow you to review more nuances in the photo and make the optical zoom more effective, as you’ll be able to see how much closer or further you’re getting.

However, a smaller device will be easier to carry around, so you might not want a very large smartphone, such as a Samsung Galaxy Note. Instead, you should explore smaller phones that have a large screen that goes all the way to the edge so that you can see every aspect of your images.

A Great Phone To Go With It

Now you know what you need from your phone camera, you need to make sure that you also get everything else you need from the phone. This might mean getting a phone with the software, battery life and other features that you expect.

You’ll want to pick between an android and iPhone option. Android mobile phones are more varied, and you can buy from various brands and ranges such as Sony Xperia, Samsung Galaxy, OnePlus and more.

However, iPhones are renowned for having great camera options and a unique layout when compared to other phones, so your choice depends on your preference.

If you want to take more than just still photos, you also need to think about the video camera quality. Most camera phones will allow you to record video, but make sure that the device has consistent image quality when taking videos and that it offers the video camera specs you want.

Many modern smartphones have other cutting-edge features, such as wireless charging options or a virtual assistant, so you should explore these too to find the right smartphone to meet your needs.

Once you’ve found the best camera phone that meets your requirements, you need to make sure that you get a cost-effective network coverage plan. Compare SIM-Only deals to see if you can find a flexible option that will allow you to enjoy your new camera phone to the fullest.