Broadband Switch & Save

Faster, reliable broadband for less money.

Faster, reliable broadband for less money. Lebara customers can save up to £180* and get 50GB free data when they switch home broadband with exclusive deals from our partner MoneySuperMarket.

How do I take advantage of the offer?

  • Step 1: Follow the link below, which will take you to our partner MoneySuperMarket’s website where you’ll find their quick and easy quote generator.
  • Step 2: Choose a deal that meets your needs and sign up through MoneySuperMarket.
  • Step 3: Complete your purchase.
    All done! We’ll credit your 50GB free data within 14 days of you moving to your new provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

The free mobile data alongside a broadband deal through MoneySuperMarket is reserved for existing Lebara customers. But the good news is that you can join our network right now by signing up to one of our great value deals here. Once that’s done you will qualify for this exclusive offer.
Our partner MoneySuperMarket calculates your potential savings based on an average monthly bill of £34.00 from nationally representative sample (1000) vs our cheapest monthly cost for superfast broadband (>55Mbs) ,Onstream £18.95 month. All prices listed are subject to geographic availability and offer dates. For more information refer to the terms and conditions at MoneySuperMarket. Jan 2023. UK Only.
Typically switching provider takes about two weeks, although it may take a little longer if your new service requires installation. However, you can rest assured you won’t be without an internet connection at any time. To check how long your switch will take, get in touch with your new provider.
As a rule of thumb, the more people using the internet at any one time, the slower the connection will be.
To that end, if you live in a large family home or shared accommodation with four or more regular broadband users, a fibre broadband deal, with speeds of over 34Mbps, is the best option.
However, if you live alone or with one other person, a standard 10Mbps ADSL service should be fine.
Some of the main things you should be thinking about when deciding between broadband providers are:
  • Speed: Your connection speed is one of the most important things to consider, especially if you stream a lot of content or play games online.
  • Usage: Many providers offer unlimited downloads for home broadband, but not all – if you’re a heavy user be sure to check for any download limits.
  • Cost: There are plenty of low budget options for standard speed users and if you don’t mind spending a bit more and want a really good speed, you can choose one of the premium services. Our partner MoneySuperMarket will be able to show you a range of deals on a budget that suits you.
  • Availability: Some broadband providers are only available in select locations. But the good news is that you can find exactly what’s on offer at your address with MoneySuperMarket’s handy availability checker. Just pop in your postcode and they’ll do the rest.
After requesting a switch, you have 14 days to cancel without penalty. If you choose to cancel after 14 days, you may be charged a cancellation fee by the provider (subject to terms and conditions communicated when you signed up through MoneySuperMarket).
You’ll receive your free 50GB of data within 14 days of moving your home broadband provider. This data is valid for use within the UK and Lebara’s terms and conditions will apply on usage. We will inform you by email when the data is credited to your account.
Once credited to your account, you’ll have 90 days to use your free data. This data is valid for use within the UK and Lebara’s terms and conditions will apply on usage. We will inform you by email when the data is credited to your account.
You can visit MoneySuperMarket directly but doing so means we would not get to know that you are a logged in Lebara customer. You'll still probably be able to save money on your home broadband, but we won't be able to give you the free Lebara data.