Data bolt-on 1GB

Terms & Conditions

To opt in by SMS send B1GB to 38885

Lebara customers who are opted into a plan which contains data (e.g. UK Plus, UK Plan, SIM Only Plan, Data Pass, All In One or Flexi Plans) can purchase additional data bolt-ons should they exceed their data allowance. . You can add any number of bolt-ons to your existing plan. As your bolt-on is connected to your existing plan, it will expire at the same time. Please note, due to this, any data purchased under your bolt-on which is not used before the plan expires will be lost. Your data bolt-on will not auto renew. You need to purchase a separate bolt-on as and when needed.

  • No Contract, Change/ Cancel anytime
  • No Credit Check
  • Free roaming in the EU & India
  • Runs on Vodafone network