Call Credit Transfer

Transferring credit is quick and easy!

Text SHARE*+94xxxxxxxxx (+Country code with mobile number you want to transfer to) to 38885. To share credit using your bundle, text BUNDLESHARE* followed by the number to 38885
Get rates
You'll get a message with transfer rates
Set amount
Pick the amount of credit you want to transfer in GBP
Transfer done!
We'll message to let you know it's all done!

It's easy to transfer call credits to your friends and family with Lebara using these three simple steps. You can transfer from your PAYG credit or plan to a Lebara mobile number or internationally to some networks. 

You can also use your bundle allowance or credit to purchase the various books offered by Lebara, call 5588 from your Lebara number to speak to our agents about this service.

Did you know, you can also use your credit to donate to charities.
To donate £3 to the British Heart Foundation, text FIGHT to 70123 
To donate £3 to Housing and Homelessness charity, text SHELTER to 70123

You can also use your credit to access premium services through Special rates. See prices to access premium services and special rates here

What's more, you can even change your plan back into credit. Just text CONVERT to 38885 and follow the simple steps.

Very low costs

Fast & easy transfer of small amounts of money!


Instant service available globally

FREE from Lebara number to Lebara number within UK!
Do you need a SIM first ?
Free delivery

 The call credit transfer service is available for Lebara Mobile UK customers and international call credit transfer is available for select countries. The list of countries you can transfer credit to are listed here 

Transfers are available to make in denominations of £2, £5 and £10. Credit transfers can only be used up to the amount of standard credit available in your account ( excluding any promotional credit). You can also use your plan allowance of data, voice minutes and SMS to make a transfer. Where plan allowance is used, the allowance will be deducted by 20%, 50% and 100% ( across data, minutes and SMS). See full table of deductions here

 While roaming, specific charges may apply. Amount per transfer and number of transfers allowed per day may be limited. See full terms and conditions here

To see full list of books that we offer and how to use the services please click here