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Call Credit Transfer
Transferring credit is quick and easy!
Text SHARE*+94xxxxxxxxx (+Country code with mobile number you want to transfer to) to 38885
Get rates
You'll get a message with transfer rates and any fees
Set amount
Pick the amount of credit you want to transfer in GBP
Transfer done!
We'll message to let you know it's all done!
Would you like to top up your friends and family mobile phone call credit in India, Nigeria, China or somewhere else in the world?

It’s Easy!
Top up the call credit of your friends and family directly on their mobile phone using the 3 simple steps.
Very low costs
Fast & easy transfer of small amounts of money!
Instant service available globally
FREE from Lebara number to Lebara number within UK!
Do you need a SIM first ?
Free delivery

 The call credit transfer service is available for Lebara Mobile UK customers. Credit transfer is only possible using standard prepaid credit up to the amount of credit available on the customer’s account. Transfer may include a transactional fee. While roaming, specific charges may apply. Amount per transfer and number of transfer allowed per day may be limited. See full terms and conditions here