Data allowances can always be tricky for consumers to get right; Too little, and you can find yourself spending extra money every month on topping up your allowance, too much and you’ll be wasting data on a monthly basis that you are paying for.

We’ve surveyed the British public to find out just how much data they’re losing out on each month, with 71% noting they use less data than they pay for. This coupled with almost a third (32%) being stuck in a 2-year contract, can equate to wasting £360 for the duration of their phone contract due to wasted mobile data.

Take a look at the map below and see how your region ranks in the data wastage map of Britain.


But it’s not all bad news. Lebara’s SIM-only deals are budget friendly and flexible, allowing you to work out which data allowance works best for you and change your plan as per yopur needs with a 30-day rolling plan. Plans start from just £5

*Data is based on an online survey conducted by Lebara amongst 2,000 UK residents that own a mobile phone. The research fieldwork took place on 19th June to the 25th June 2021.