How To Activate Lebara SIM | PAYG SIM & SIMO Activation | Lebara Mobile UK
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How to activate your Lebara SIM ( PAYG)

Insert your SIM into your phone
For a SIM that includes a top up or plan,Login to your MyLebara account. For a FREE SIM, dial 5588.
Your SIM is now active!

Lebara SIM Only Activation

SIM Only Activation
Internet and MMS
We strongly suggest you activate internet and MMS settings on your SIM. Then you’ll be able to browse the internet from your phone.
Register on MyLebara
If you haven't already, activate our free MyLebara online service. It's the quickest way to top up, view your balance, and access call and top up history.
Top up now
If you have a FREE SIM you'll need to top up to get started.

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