How to Keep Your Mobile Number
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How to Keep Your Number

Get a Lebara SIM
Order a SIM online for free delivery
Get your PAC
Simply SMS PAC to 65075 from your current SIM to request for your PAC code from your current network provider
Give us your PAC
Buy a plan or top up for £5 or more, then call us on 5588 from your Lebara mobile. Have your PAC handy when you tell us you want to move your number.
Enjoy your free credit!
Your £10 free credit will be added to your account and your number moved.

 Just follow these 2 simple steps to keep your number:

(You need to have an active Lebara SIM before moving your number, discover how to order your SIM here)

  1. Advise your provider you are switching to Lebara. Make sure you tell them that you want to take your mobile number with you and ask them for a Porting Authorisation Code (PAC);

  2. Call us on 0870 075 5588 (5588 from your Lebara Mobile - Calls cost 10p when you talk to a Customer Service advisor); and give us your Porting Authorisation Code (PAC), it’s done!

It normally takes around 1 day to get your number from your old supplier and apply it to your Lebara Mobile SIM. Don’t worry, during this time you can still use your Lebara Mobile SIM with the number it had when you first bought it.

As soon as the number you wish to keep is live on your new Lebara Mobile SIM card we will text you to let you know. This number automatically replaces the previous number supplied by us.

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