How To Topup Lebara SIM Online
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How to Top Up


With several ways to top up your mobile, pay as you go top up has never been easier with Lebara.

Top up online, through our app or by SMS straight from your phone. Don’t have a MyLebara account? Our instant top up service means you can always top up credit without needing to register any details.

Worried about running out of airtime? Setting up auto top up is the best way to ensure you never get caught short again.

If you don’t fancy topping up online you can always pop into one of our local Lebara stores.

Below you can find out more about the top up options provided by Lebara:


To instantly top up your Lebara number online without registering your payment details, please use our instant top up option by clicking here and follow the steps listed below:

  1. choose a top up amount from the selection options and then click continue;
  2. you can add a promotional code if you have one and/or select a free Lebara SIM, then click continue;
  3. click on continue as Guest;
  4. Enter the mobile number you want to top up in each of the boxes on screen and then click continue;
  5. Input your first and last name, email address, first line of address and postcode and then click continue;
  6. finally input your credit/debit card details and then click Confirm Payment;
  7. you will receive an onscreen message and an e-mail confirming your top up has been successful.

Important: The address you provide will need to match your payment card’s billing address. You can buy directly online our 30 days plan click on “buy now” within shop section.

To top with our free online service called MyLebara you will first need to register your Lebara number. Click here to register to MyLebara.

Once registered you can instantly top up your Lebara number with a registered payment card. Login to MyLebara here and follow the below steps:

  1. select top up from the drop down list to the MyLebara tab on the menu panel;
  2. choose a top up amount from the PAYG top up option and click continue. Here you can decide if to activate the auto-top up option. Slide the on/off switch to on and click continue to activate Auto top up feature (to deactivate Auto top up, slide the on/off switch to off);
  3. if you have not registered a payment card, you will be asked to complete your personal and payment details; if you already have a payment card registered, you will be presented with a page requesting your security code;
  4. enter your credit card details and or security code and click top up;
  5. you will receive an onscreen message and email confirming your top up is successful and your credit will be applied instantly.

Important: you can buy directly online our 30 days plan click on “buy now” within shop section.

You can top up the Lebara number of friends & family by adding their Lebara numbers to your MyLebara account.

To add friends & family to your MyLebara account, login to your MyLebara here and follow these steps:

  1. click top upon the menu;
  2. click add number. Note: You will be asked to complete your payment and billing address details if you have not yet done so; please complete all fields marked * and then click add friend to continue;
  3. enter the name of your friend/family member in the friend’s name field;
  4. enter their Lebara number in the friend’s mobile number field;
  5. re-enter their Lebara number in the re-enter friend’s mobile number field and click add;
  6. select the relevant friend or family member's number from the which number do you want to top up? field;
  7. choose an instant top-up amount or alternatively, you can set up an Auto top up service.
  8. Important: you can buy directly online our 30 days plan click on “buy now” within shop section.

To learn how to top up your Lebara number using a voucher or scratch card, please watch our simple instructional video or follow the steps outlined below:

Once you have bought your voucher or scratch card top up, you will have two options to apply the credit:

  1. Dial *#1345* followed by the 12 or 14 digit number on the voucher, followed by # and then press the call button. OR
  2. Call 5588 from your Lebara number and when you hear the voice prompt select option 1 and follow the easy instructions.

Note: Entering an incorrect voucher or scratch card number could block your top up service.

You can to up simply dialling 5588 and following the options on the phone system/IVR.

You need to select 'option 1' twice, to get through to the payment section.

Note: Once the payment has been successful, you will be sent a text confirmation.


New to Lebara?

Transfer your number to Lebara Mobile – Get £4 Free Call Credit

If you transfer your number to Lebara Mobile, you will receive £4 FREE call credit within 72 hours of your first top-up after porting. It's easy to do, it's free and can be completed within 2 working days, discover how.