12 month SIM Only deals

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Welcome to India! Our UK customers can now use your plan allowance or pay as you go credit in India as you would at home in the UK without any extra charges as explained below;

  1. As our UK customer, You can use your plan allowances to call from India to India and the UK without extra charges subject to the Fair Usage Policy (FUP)limits as described below in points 2-6.
  2. While you are using your Lebara Sim in India:

  3. A surcharge of 5p/MB applies after using 10GB data
  4. A surcharge of 10p/min applies after using 200 mins of outgoing and 200 mins of incoming calls
  5. A surcharge of 10p/text applies after sending 200 SMS text messages
  6. The FUP limits of 10GB data, 200 outgoing mins, 200 incoming mins, and 200 SMS text messages are calculated per calendar month.
  7. Surcharges will be deducted from your Pay As You Co credit. If you do not have extra PAYG credit in your account after reaching the above described FUP limits – you will not be able to continue using the relevant service. You can purchase additional credit at https://mobile.lebara.com/gb/en/topup while you are in India
  8. If you are on PAYG, you will be charged the standard tariff for calls to India and the UK as you would at in the UK.
  9. Any international allowances included in your plan are not available while in India. Calls to other destinations than India or UK while you are in India will be charged at standard roaming rates Visit https://mobile.lebara.com/gb/en/international-call-rates for details on roaming rates
  10. Lebara can withdraw its free-roaming services for India at any time, at its discretion with a notice period of 5 days. If the service is withdrawn, customers will be informed via SMS or email as applicable and information will be available on the website – lebara.co.uk
  11. All calls, text and data in India will be routed using Lebara’s MNO partner – Vodafone.