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Can I keep my old number?

Last Updated:May 2020

To keep your old number, you’ll need to ask your current mobile network for a Port authorisation Code (PAC code). You’ll also need to order a free Lebara SIM card and register your details.
Once you have your PAC code, activate your new Lebara SIM card and get in touch with our customer services team.

You’ll need:

  1. Your Port Authorization Code.
  2. The name of your existing mobile network
  3. The number you wish to transfer to Lebara.
  4. The Lebara number you want to be updated.

We’ll transfer your number to Lebara within 2 working days, with £10 free call credit.
There’s a chance your existing number will experience network problems during the transfer process. It shouldn’t last more than 24 hours but if you still have problems after this time, get in touch with our customer services team.