I’ve lost my SIM card

Last Updated:Feb 2023

Lost your SIM card?

If you have lost your SIM card and have a registered MyLebara account that is linked to your original SIM, the fastest way to get a replacement SIM is to get a new one from the nearest store and follow the steps below.

You can find a Lebara SIM at thousands of convenience stores across the UK or in national retailers such as Sainsburys , Asda, Poundland, Co-Op, Home Bargains, B&M and many more.

Once you have a Lebara SIM at hand, follow the steps below. You will need this temporary Lebara SIM number at hand as well as access to the email account you registered with us to be able to complete the SIM replacement process online.

  1. Visit  Replace Sim page  to start your swapping your number to the replacement SIM
  2. Follow instructions on screen, you will need the following three things to complete the process
    1. The new/ replacement Lebara mobile number
    2. The Lebara mobile number for the SIM you have lost
    3. Access to the email you have linked to your MyLebara account
  3. Continue to provide the details requested on screen and complete process.
  4. Your number will be swapped immediately. You may need to restart your handset.

We’ll transfer your existing plan to your new SIM card and suspend your old one, so no one else can use it.

If you have not registered online with us before and do not have your original Lebara SIM linked to your account, please contact our customer services team please contact our customer services team ( via chat or dial 5588 from your Lebara SIM to speak to an advisor). Your new SIM will be delivered via Royal mail, usually the next working day if you order before 3pm (Monday – Friday).

I have a new phone and need a smaller SIM card.

Lebara SIMs fit all phones and come in a block of three sizes– standard, micro and Nano. If you have a new phone that needs a smaller SIM size than what you currently have, you can simply break away the outer casing and pull out the smaller size you need from your existing SIM card.

I’ve lost my phone – can I retrieve my contacts?

Sorry, your contact and private information is stored on your SIM card. Unless you have regularly backed up your information, there’s no way to retrieve it.