Specific Terms for Lebara Mobile Services

1. Definitions of certain words
2. Starting date of the Agreement
3. Acceptance of the Agreement
4. Additional terms and conditions
5. Lebara Mobile Service
5.1 Mobile Internet access
5.2 - Mobile Data Terms & ConditionsDefinitions
5.3 - Additional Services Terms & Conditions
5.4 - Reasonable use of the Service by the You
6. Payment for the Service
7. Promotions
8. Access to MyLebara
9. Your obligations and responsibilities
10. Our Liability
11. Privacy and Data Protection
12. Suspension and Termination of the Service
13. Changes to the Agreement
14. Information and Customer Service
15. Multiple/ Additional SIMs terms and conditions

These are the specific terms (Specific Terms) related to the mobile service (Service) provided to you by Lebara Mobile Limited. Lebara Mobile Limited is registered in England under company number 06184980 with registered offices at, 7th Floor, Import Building, 2 Clove Crescent, East India Dock, London, E14 2BE, UK, trading as Lebara Phone, (Lebara Phone, Lebara, we, us or our).

The general terms and conditions (General Terms) which can be found here also apply and are incorporated by reference. These Specific Terms should be read and understood together with these General Terms. Together the General terms and the Specific Terms are collectively referred to as the Terms. If there is a conflict between Specific Terms and General Terms, Specific Terms will in that case apply.

We, as Communication Provider under the Telecommunications Act, are regulated for the supply of some of our Services, including in the following areas:


  • by the Office of Communications (Ofcom) for the provision of communication services within the UK; and
  • by PhonePayPlus for the supply of premium rate content and services.


    By using the Service, you will be deemed to have accepted the Terms. Please note that we may time to time update these Terms. Changes will be posted at https://mobile.lebara.com/gb/en/terms-and-conditions.


    1. Definitions of certain words


    In these terms when we use these words, they shall have the following meanings:

    Additional Services” – any optional or extra service that is not part of the primary communication service and that is added to it if chosen by you.
    Agreement” – the Terms and the rates which can be found at https://mobile.lebara.com/gb/en/terms-and-conditions/.
    Credit” – the amount(s) successfully credited against the Subscription Account
    Equipment” – means a cellular terminal equipment and the SIM Card that is authorised by us for connection to the Network;
    Subscription Account” – the account which records details of your Credit and charges for Services provided;
    Network” – combination of Lebara's infrastructure and the cellular telecommunications system networks supporting the Service;
    Registration” – Lebara’s acceptance of your application to register with us for the Service. Register and Registered shall have the same meaning;
    Roaming” – use of the Services when you are connected to a network outside of the United Kingdom;
    SIM Card” – the card containing a microchip provided by us and used with Equipment to get Services

    2 - Starting date of the Agreement

    This Agreement starts when we accept your request for Services. You are deemed to accept the Terms when the Subscription Account is first credited, or otherwise use SIM Card to access the Network for the first time.

    3. Acceptance of the Agreement

    By using the Service, you will be deemed to have accepted the Terms.


    4. Additional terms and conditions


    Other Lebara services may be subject to additional terms and conditions that have to be read together with these Specific Terms. You can find additional terms and conditions to this Agreement at https://mobile.lebara.com/gb/en/terms-and-conditions.


    5 - Lebara Mobile Service



    5.1 Mobile Internet access


    5.1.1 How to get access mobile Internet

    The Service is not available in all parts of the United-Kingdom, nor in all other countries.

    Internet access through the Network is subject to:

    - a positive Credit balance; and/or
    - the allowance of a volume of data

    If you have no Credit on your Subscription Account and/or if you have no volume of data allowed to your account, you will not be able to access internet. To access Internet via the Network you will have either to top up your Subscription Account with Credit for pay as you go or to choose a bundle plan that gives access to a volume of data.

    If you have used all the allowed volume of data provided in your plan or if your plan has expired after its period of validity and you did not use all of the volume of data, you will not be able to access internet. If you have positive Credit balance to your Subscription Account, you will have access to Internet and in this case please see the applicable rates at http://mobile.lebara.com/gb/en/international-call-rates

    5.1.2 Specifications of mobile internet access

    In any case, Lebara will use its best endeavours to provide Internet access but our ability to do so may be affected by circumstances beyond our control and we will not be liable to you. Therefore, as set out in clause 5.1 “Access to the Network” above, you acknowledge that we cannot and do not guarantee the continuous, uninterrupted or error-free operability of the Internet access.

    We reserve the right to manage your use of the Network in order to protect it for the use of all of our customers. We may therefore apply traffic management controls from time to time to protect the Network.

    The speed of internet access services on our Network depends on various factors such as

    - the environment (ex: high wind can effect RAN network and throughput)
    - Handsets and the various software or applications deployed by you
    - Events which trigger spike in data in a small sector (ex: football stadium) However, you may expect the following download and upload speed while accessing internet through or Network.

    However, you may expect the following download and upload speed while accessing internet through or Network.

      Download Upload
    4G 3.8 Mbps to 60.0 Mbps 900 Kbps to 23.2 Mbps
    3G 980 Kbps to 22.5 Mbps 200 Kbps to 4.6 Mbps
    Edge 0 Kbps to 200 Kbps 0 Kbps to 200 Kbps

    If you are out of coverage of 4G network, your Equipment will automatically switch to the 3G network and, if you are out of 3G coverage, your Equipment will switch to Edge network. You acknowledge that depending on your Equipment you may have to switch network manually.


    5.2 - Mobile Data Terms & Conditions


    Byte: Unit used for measurement of data usage

    Kilobyte (kB): 1,024 Bytes

    Megabyte (MB): 1,024 kilobytes

    Gigabyte (GB): 1,024 Megabytes 

  • Upstream data: Data that is sent from a customer’s device to the network

    Downstream data: Data that is received by a customer’s device from the network

    Charging pulse: The minimum amount of mobile data usage that will be used for determining the charge to the customer for data usage.

    Data protocol: A standard set of rules that allow electronic devices to communicate with each other. These rules include what type of data may be transmitted, what commands are used to send and receive data, and how data transfers are confirmed.

    Data packet: A data packet is a small unit of data which travels along a specific network path used by data protocols such as the Internet Protocol (IP) or Transmission Control Protocol (TCP).

    Data packet header: The packet header contains instructions about the data carried by the packet. These instructions may include, amongst other things, the: Destination address (where the packet is going); Originating address (where the packet came from); Data Protocol; Data packet number.

    Data packet payload: This is also called the body or data of a packet. This is the actual data that the packet is delivering to the destination.

  • DNS: Domain Name System. The Internet's system for converting alphabetic names into numeric IP addresses. For example, when a Web address (URL) is typed into a browser, DNS servers return the IP address of the Web server associated with that name.

    Explanation of the flow data over the network, calculation of data usage and charging

    The flow of data packets over the network occurs in both an upstream and downstream direction (i.e. to and from an electronic device such as a mobile handset). Several different data protocols can be used to transmit the data over the network. Some of these data protocols are more reliable than others such that not all data packets are successfully delivered first time. We calculate your data usage based on the total amount of data that travels over the network, which may differ from the data your device consumes as a result of data packet re-transmission.

    For example, if your connection drops off or if a webpage experiences an error when loading and needs to be refreshed, these data packets will be re-sent and may count towards your usage.

    Your data usage will also include any data packet headers as well as the data payload itself. If the data packet being sent or received is encrypted this may also add additional data consumption. The proportion of data usage consumed by the header and payload depends greatly on what application is being used and what data is being sent. Any data usage consumed by the DNS protocol will not form part of your chargeable usage.

    Data charging and rounding rules

    The chargeable data usage is calculated based on a minimum charging pulse. The minimum pulse varies based on your location (roaming or not) and what product or price plan you have. The table below shows the minimum billing pulse on which our data charge applies. In the event you consume all your bundled data allowance out of bundle charges will apply. If you breach the allowable thresholds for Data roaming usage in the EU or India then a surcharge will apply.




    Out of Bundle



    1 kB

    1 kB

    1 kB


    EU and Indian Roaming

    1 kB

    1 kB


    1 kB

    Rest of World Roaming


    1 kB



    Unlimited data

    Where Unlimited data is included in a plan allowance, there is no data cap, subject to fraud exceptions. All general T&C will apply.


          5.3 – Additional Services Terms & Conditions

  • Lebara may offer Additional Services to customer (such as Roaming). In such case you shall refer to specific terms and conditions that are applying to these services. Additional Services maybe charged to you or be free of charge.
  • These Additional Services may be purchased or subscribed by you with the Credit standing on your Subscription Accounts.


    5.4 – Reasonable use of the Service by the You.


    As stated in Section of 9 of the General Terms and Condition you shall use the service only for reasonable purposes.


    6. Payment for the Service


    To be able to use the Service you need a positive Credit balance on your Subscription Account.

    To have a positive amount of Credit on your Subscription Account, you may have purchased a bundle that includes Credit. Otherwise, you need to top up your Subscription Account by purchasing and activating a pay as you go voucher.

    Pay as you go vouchers may be purchased in a physical store, online at http://mobile.lebara.com/gb/en/pay-as-you-go/, or through the MyLebara mobile application.

    When you top up, Lebara will immediately apply Credit to your Subscription Account. The Credit contained in the Subscription Account will be reduced each time you use the Service and/or each time you purchase or subscribe to an Additional Service.

    If the amount of credit drops below zero You may not be able to access the Service (outgoing calls, text messages nor to access mobile internet). In this case you will need to purchase Credit.

    If you don’t credit you Subscription Account, for a certain period of time the Service mays be suspended and/or terminated such as stated in Section11.1 of the General Terms and Conditions.

    You may be able to use its Credit to buy Additional Services from Lebara and/or from third parties.

    If there is an update to your payment method (debit/credit card) and by continuing our service, you consent to Lebara immediately retrying the payment with the updated card details. These updated details will be saved for any future payments.


    7 - Promotions


    Lebara may from time to time offer promotions to you. In such a case, additional terms and conditions may apply which can be found at http://mobile.lebara.com/gb/en/promotions-terms.


    8 - Access to MyLebara


    Lebara offers access to MyLebara Service which is an online portal where you may manage your Subscription Account. My Lebara Service is subject to the General Terms and Conditions.


    9. Your obligations and responsibilities


    As Customer and under this Agreement you must comply with the following conditions, which are a fundamental part of this Agreement.


    9.1 Registration


    You shall Register with Lebara. In order to be registered with Lebara, you must provide all information reasonably asked by Lebara such as identification information. In accordance with Section 11.1 of the General Terms and Conditions we reserve the right to suspend the Service or terminate this Agreement if you do not provide required information and/or in case of inaccuracy of information provided.


    9.2 Prohibited use of the Service


    You are responsible for the acts and omissions of any and all persons using the Service provided to you.

    If Lebara has reasonable grounds to suspect any of the fraudulent behaviours for reasons as mentioned in, but not limited to, the stipulations of this Section, Lebara may at its absolute discretion suspend the access to the Service without notice in accordance with Section 11.1 of the General Terms and Conditions.

    Without prejudice to any provision of this Agreement you agree not to use the Service:

    - for anything unlawful, immoral or improper, indecent obscene, harassing, harmful, unauthorised, defamatory, offensive and/or fraudulent purpose or to cause any injury, offence or annoyance to any person or to send unsolicited commercial messages to any person;
    - to make offensive or nuisance communications in whatever form, or to make or receive reverse charge calls;
    - to send, receive, upload, download or otherwise facilitate any material which is offensive, indecent, defamatory, of a menacing nature, a nuisance, a breach of privacy, an infringement of copyright or any other intellectual property right or otherwise unlawful;
    - to cause the operation of the Network or the quality of the Service to be jeopardised, impaired or interrupted or to interfere with the integrity or security of any telecommunications or IT network or system, nor to misuse and/or abuse the Service and/or the Network;
    - to access or use content in a way that infringes the rights of others;
    - otherwise than in accordance with our and any other networks’ policies for acceptable use, and (if appropriate) any relevant internet standards;
    - not attempt to, actually gain, permit or actively or inactively allow any third party to attempt to gain unauthorised access to our Products or Services and/or Network;
    - will not incite, encourage or induce members of the public to make calls to a particular number simultaneously;
    - use GSM gateway, where a device is connected to the Network and used solely for the purpose of directing calls and messages to another network operator (GSM Gateway);
    - uninterrupted use of the Service through an automatic dialling system
    - to send mass commercial or non-commercial communications using automated or unautomated systems (spam);
    - spread virus and/or other code that has contaminating or destructive elements.

    You will also:

    - comply with the Terms and any user guide(s) or other instructions made available by Lebara whether in hard copy or online governing the use of the Service, and will remain solely responsible for the manner in which these are used;
    - comply with the terms of any legislation or any licence applicable to you as the customer or us, including all relevant codes of practice as may be issued from time to time by the government, a regulator or other competent authority;
    - with all reasonable instructions or requests of Lebara or an authorised authority and/or any other telecommunications operator, in particular as regards the use of our Service and in relation to the investigation of any offences; and


    9.3 Obligation of Security


    You are responsible for the security of your Equipment which you use to access the Service and for protecting your log-in details and any other credential given to you. We are not responsible for any losses for the uses of your account by another person other than you or for losses arising as a result your failure to use adequate security protections on the device from which you access our Service.


    10 - Our Liability


    Our Liability is limited as set out in Section 15 of the General Terms and Conditions.


    11 – Privacy and Data Protection


    The way we process your data is detailed in our Privacy Policy which form a part of this Agreement. Privacy Policy can be found at https://mobile.lebara.com/gb/en/privacy-policy.


    12 – Suspension and Termination of the Service



    12.1 Termination on behalf of Lebara


    Lebara may suspend or terminate any or all of the Services you use without notice if:

    (a) we reasonably believe you have provided us with false or misleading details about yourself as set out in Section 9.1;

    (b) we reasonably suspect that you are using our products or offers for commercial, as opposed to personal, purposes;

    (c) we advise you that your excessive use of the Service is causing problems for other users;

    (d) we believe your Equipment or SIM Card is being used in a way not permitted by this Agreement;

    (e) you are in material breach of any of these Terms or any other terms incorporated by reference into these Terms;

    (f) we reasonably suspect fraud or fraudulent activity;

    (g) we reasonably believe that you have used the Service, for illegal or improper purposes in contravention of our responsible use requirements;

    (h) we receive a serious complaint against you which we believe to be genuine (for example, if we receive a complaint that you are using the Service in any of the ways prohibited in Section 7.2). If this happens; or

    (i) we are required to suspend the Service by the emergency services or other government authorities;

    (j) we determine that your Subscription Account or SIM Card is inactive (for example, made telephone calls, sent text or photo messages, accessed content or the internet or any other Services for which a charge is made);

    (k) if your account balance drops below zero and you have failed to purchase and activate a pay as you go voucher or otherwise make a payment to us to clear such negative balance.

    (l) bankruptcy or any insolvency proceedings are brought against you;

    (m) payments collected successfully are subsequently disputed by your or your card issuer or bank.

    In case of suspension of the Service, you will still be able to make emergency calls unless they have been suspended by competent authority.

    If the Service provided to you is suspended, Lebara may agree to unsuspend you if you ask us to do so. In this case, charges may apply.


    12.2 Termination on behalf of you


    You may close your Subscription Account or port out at any time by contacting us.


    12.3 Consequences of termination


    In case of termination on your behalf or on Lebara’s behalf, you will lose the right to use any credit remaining in your Subscription Account. Credit in your Subscription Account is non-transferable and you acknowledge that on closure of your Subscription Account any Credit or user generated content in or related to the Service will be forfeited to Lebara. For any unused airtime, you can however contact us and elect to donate your remaining credit to the Lebara Foundation


    13 – Changes to the Agreement


    Lebara reserves the right to change this Agreement from time to time for any good reason. You be deemed to accept the new terms and conditions of this Agreement by using the Service.

    Lebara will do its best endeavours to notify you of any change of this Agreement. However, we recommend that you frequently check this Agreement for any updates.

    We can change this Agreement if new laws or rules make it necessary or where We are required to do so by OFCOM or any other regulatory body. We will endeavour to inform you if we have to do this.


    14 – Information and Customer Service


    Please submit any questions you have about these terms and conditions or an order you have placed or ordering in general by email to [email protected], by telephone on +44 (0) 0207 031 0791 between the hours of 8am to 9pm (GMT), seven days a week or write to us at:

    7th Floor, Import Building
    2 Clove Crescent, East India Dock
    London, E14 2BE

    Last updated 23rd Nov 2022


15 – Multiple/ Additional SIMs terms and conditions


  • A maximum of 4 SIM’s can be attached to one Lebara account
  • The Lebara account is attached to a single email address, as provided at time of registration of the first SIM on this account.
  • A single payment method will be used to charge all SIM’s attached to this account. This will be the credit/ debit card or payment account provided by the customer at time of registering the initial account.
  • If the customer delinks a particular SIM or mobile number from the attached Lebara account, any plans, top ups and any other Lebara products linked to it will not auto renew.
  • If you, the customer, remove the payment method linked to your account, all plans, top ups and any other products linked to the SIMs or mobile numbers on this account will fail to auto renew.
  • The marketing preferences chosen at time of initial MyLebara registration will apply for all SIMs attached to the account.
  • All other general terms and conditions for usage of Lebara services apply.




Code Of Practice


1. This Code of Practice aims to provide
2. Introduction to Lebara Mobile
3. Our core services and products
4. Sales and marketing activities
5. Contracts Conditions
6. Rates
7. Billing and Payments
8. Compensation or refund policy
9. Privacy and Data Protection
10. Customer Services
11. Premium-rate services
12. PhonepayPlus
13. Number Translation Services
14. Some other useful contacts




This Code of Practice is published by Lebara Mobile Ltd (referred to as Lebara Mobile in this Code). This code of practice does not remove any of your legal rights as a customer, nor does it form part of a contract between you and Lebara Mobile.


1. This Code of Practice aims to provide

An introduction to Lebara Mobile, Information on the services we offer, Information on our sales and marketing activities, Information on billing and pricing issues, How to contact Lebara Mobile, How to make a complaint, Information on premium rate services, Information on number translation services, Information and contact details for telecommunications regulatory bodies such as Ofcom.


2. Introduction to Lebara Mobile

Lebara Mobile Limited is a company registered in England with company number 06184980. Our registered office is located at 7th Floor, Import Building, 2 Clove Crescent, East India Dock, London, E14 2BE,UK. Please see our website http://mobile.lebara.com/gb/en for further information. Lebara Mobile provides mobile telecommunication services within the UK to customers. Its primary area of focus is the United Kingdom. Lebara Mobile is committed to making every reasonable effort to supply this Code of Practice in a suitable format, therefore, if you require assistance or a different electronic version, please contact our customer service centre from a landline on 02003 059 0304* charged at 10p for the whole call or email [email protected]


3. Our core services and products

Lebara Mobile offers a range of Mobile Telecommunication Services. We provide mobile voice and data communications services in the UK, and in other countries through roaming agreements with other mobile networks which our third party network provider uses. Lebara Mobile aggregates telecoms traffic and communication solutions to be able to attract economies of scale. These generated savings are passed on to our customers in the form of better value solutions.

Below is a brief description of Lebara Mobile’s core products and services:

Voice calls - Lebara Mobile provide a mobile telephony service enabling you to make or receive calls, and to send and receive data by a mobile telecommunications network. These services are available subject to terms of the calling plan you sign up to.

Pay As You Go SIM - allows you to make low cost, high quality calls to UK and international landline or mobile numbers, direct from your mobile handset. Calls are paid for by credit purchased in advance by a variety of methods including voucher, ATM, and web payments.

Voicemail – allows you to listen to recorded messages left for you by other callers. In the interest of other users, the number and length of messages that can be left on the Lebara Mobile voicemail service is limited, and the confidentiality of messages cannot be guaranteed.

Text bundles – allow you to pay a fixed charge for a fixed number of text messages. This service is available subject to terms of the calling plan you sign up to.

Picture messaging (MMS) – allows you to send messages from one mobile to another. These messages can include text, sound, images and video. It is also possible to send MMS messages from a mobile phone to an email address.

Handsets - Lebara Mobile offer a range of handsets which can be purchased and used in conjunction with our Pay As You Go SIMs.

Allocating your mobile phone number - Lebara Mobile will allocate a mobile telephone number for you to use on the mobile network. The number does not belong to you and may only be transferred to another service provider in certain circumstances. Further details are available on request from our customer service centre from a landline on 02070310791* charged at your applicable UK call rate or via email at [email protected]

Number porting – you can easily move your current mobile number to Lebara Mobile from any of the UK’s major networks including: 02, Everything Everywhere, Vodafone, Three and Virgin Mobile. To move your number when you switch to Lebara Mobile you will need to ask your existing mobile company for a PAC (Porting Authorisation Code) before you cancel your service with them. This is the reference number you will need to give us so that we can transfer your number to Lebara Mobile.


4. Sales and marketing activities

Products and services are sold primarily through independent retailers or online. When we undertake sales and marketing activities we are committed to giving outstanding service, it is essential that our customers understand the services offered and the contract they are making. We work to the principles within the British Code of Advertising, Sales Promotion, and Direct Marketing, which may be found on the website www.cap.org.uk


5. Contracts Conditions

If you do not use the Pay As You Go Services for a period of 15 months, your contract will be deemed to have been terminated by you. Upon termination for whatever reason, Lebara Mobile is under no obligation to refund you any call credit that is on your phone at the date of termination. For more information, see the General Terms and Conditions on our website at https://mobile.lebara.com/gb/en/terms-and-conditions



6. Rates

Lebara Mobile publishes its prices on our website. If you would prefer a paper copy please contact our customer service centre from a landline on 02070310791* or email [email protected]


7. Billing and Payments

Lebara Mobile takes invoicing seriously. When invoices are prepared they are checked against contracted pricing and, where relevant, the recorded usage to ensure the invoice has been calculated correctly. Purchases or other charges from 3rd parties will be detailed as a “Data Content Purchase”. All payments are made to Lebara Mobile Ltd. You can also view your call activity from your MyLebara account. You can request a paper list of calls you have made to be sent to you by post, but Lebara Mobile will request a one off payment of £10 for each hard copy bill posted (6 Months only) or a one off payment of £5 for each electronic call history copy via e-mail.


If you have a query or need advice, information or assistance on pricing please contact our customer services centre from a landline on 02070310791* charged at your applicable UK call rate or email [email protected]. Should your request require escalation, it may be forwarded to our Accounts team for resolution.


8. Compensation or refund policy

Refunds (where applicable) will be credited to the card used for the original purchase after receipt of the returned equipment and satisfactory inspection by us. Please allow 30 days for the refund.


9. Privacy and Data Protection

We know that privacy is very important to our customers and we aim to respect and protect that at all times. Please read our privacy statement available on our website https://mobile.lebara.com/gb/en/privacy-policy. We may collect personal information about you from various sources. These may include:

The customer agreement, i.e. the agreement that you accept when you take a service from Lebara Mobile – this may include your name, address, other contact details and banking details.

Details you give if you contact us with an enquiry.

Direct marketing organisations.

Other publicly available sources such as the electoral roll.


Lebara Mobile is registered under the Data Protection Act and takes all reasonable steps to ensure there is no unauthorised access to your personal data.

We may use the personal data we hold to promote our products and services but we will not pass them to any third party organisations for marketing purposes unless you have authorised us to do so.

In some circumstances we may supply information to organisations such as the police and other governmental agencies where the law requires us to do this.

We may record phone conversations for training purposes or to provide evidence of a transaction.

If you wish to know what personal information we hold on you, you can get this by writing to: Data Controller, Lebara Mobile Ltd, 7th Floor, Import Building, 2 Clove Crescent, East India Dock, London, E14 2BE,UK.


You may wish to stop unsolicited telemarketing calls from other organisations. If you register with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) this may prevent some of these calls. The contact details for the TPS can be found in the useful contacts section below.


10. Customer Services

Fault Management

We aim to provide you with all the help you need to understand how to use the services and to help you with any technical problems you may experience. We intend to resolve faults as soon as reasonably possible. If you have any technical questions simply call us from your Lebara number on 5588 (free) or by a landline on 0207 031 0791* (you will need to check with your landline service provider to find out their call costs for  UK landline numbers). If you do not want to call you can also email [email protected] or visit https://mobile.lebara.com/gb/en/contact-us

Faults can occur on the Lebara Mobile network, or on one of our suppliers’ networks or equipment. If a fault is reported during normal working hours ( 9:00 am - 6:00pm Monday to Sunday) , Lebara Mobile will try to establish the location and cause of the fault straight away.

If you are not satisfied

We are committed to providing you with excellent customer service. However, in the event that you are not satisfied with the manner in which we are handling an issue that you have brought to our attention, we have a comprehensive complaint handling procedure, which includes escalation to independent agencies in the event that you are unhappy with the outcome of a complaint.

When you call a customer service consultant will try to solve the problem a quickly as possible, preferably during your phone call and where this is not possible, will agree a course of action with you. Invoicing queries may take a little while to resolve.

If you are not happy with the response you receive you may ask for the matter to be referred to the appropriate senior manager for further investigation. The matter will be investigated by the appropriate manager and you will receive a response with 3 working days.

We believe it is in your and our best interests to try to resolve any dispute without outside assistance, and you may be assured that we will devote sufficient resource to attempting to resolve any issues that may arise between us.

If we are unable to resolve your complaint satisfactorily, we will issue a “deadlock” letter so that you may make a complaint to the Ombudsman Service: Communications, an independent alternative dispute resolution scheme (contact details are set out below). Alternatively, if after 8 weeks your complaint remains unresolved you can contact the Ombudsman Service: Communications scheme directly. 

To access our complaints code document, please click here

Ombudsman Services contact details 

Phone: 0330 440 1614

Textphone: 0330 440 1600

Fax: 03304401615

Post:      Ombudsman Services: Communications

PO Box 730



Email: [email protected]

Website: www.ombudsman-services.org



How to contact us

If you need advice, information or assistance on any products and services or this Code of Practice, please call us from a landline on 0207 031 0791*, email [email protected], visit our website at https://mobile.lebara.com/gb/en/contact-us or write to us at the following address:

Customer Services

Lebara Mobile Limited

7th Floor, Import Building, 2 Clove Crescent

East India Dock, London

E14 2BE


11. Premium-rate services

Premium-rate services with dial codes starting with 09xx are not available on the Lebara Mobile network but 0871 pre-fix numbers are and will be charged at a higher rate than normal calls. They might include:

    - Recorded information – for example, traffic reports, competitions, voting, chatlines and things that you can download,such as ringtones

    - Live services – for example, advice lines.

    - The company providing these services is known as a ‘service provider’. Directory enquiry services with numbers that start with 118 are also classed as premium-rate services.

    - The extra cost of the call is paid to the organisation offering that particular 118 service. The network operator who gives them the 118 number will also take a share of the price to cover the cost of carrying the 118 calls.

    - Information about the charges for calling premium-rate services from a Lebara SIM card is given in our price list which is available at https://mobile.lebara.com/gb/en/international-call-rates


12. PhonepayPlus

PhonepayPlus regulates premium-rate services. It publishes a code of practice that providers of premium-rate services must follow. This includes rules on advertising and promoting premium-rate services.


PhonepayPlus may be able to help you if you’ve a complaint about a premium-rate service. PhonepayPlus (see ‘Other contacts’ for their contact details) regulates the content of premium rate services and how they’re advertised. It’s responsible for investigating complaints about the way premium-rate services are advertised or run, or the way information received using a premium-rate call has been presented. PhonepayPlus can’t give compensation for calls made to recorded information premium-rate numbers. It may be able to give details of the service provider.


13. Number Translation Services

Number Translation Services (NTS) are calls to numbers shown in the National Telephone Numbering Plan as ‘special services’. The National Telephone Numbering Plan is the UK’s list of numbers that Ofcom has allocated to phone companies. The ‘special services’ include:


    08 numbers, such as 0845 and 0870.

    0500 freephone numbers (but not calls to 0808 99 numbers for flat-rate internet access calls).

    070 personal numbers (numbers beginning 070 that are not mobile numbers).

Complaints about Number Translation Services

What we can do for you:

We publish charges for Number Translation Services calls on our website and in our published price list.

We can give details of:

Any call charges that apply for calls to freephone numbers, including details of when those charges will apply.

Call charges for NTS calls that vary by time of day (for example, ‘08xx calls cost x pence a minute, including VAT,during weekday evenings’).

We can give new customers information about all charges for NTS calls.

Our advertising and promotional materials clearly show:

The maximum prices that apply to NTS calls.

Where you can find our price list on our website.


Where on our website you can find the complete set of NTS call charges.

You can find information about calling Number Translation Services using a Lebara SIM card line in our price list at https://mobile.lebara.com/gb/en/international-call-rates


14. Some other useful contacts

Ombudsman Services: Communications

PO Box 730



Phone: 0330 440 1614, 0192 543 0049 or 0845 050 1614*

Fax: 0330 440 1615 or 0192 543 0059

Textphone: 0845 051 1513* or 0330 440 1600

Email:[email protected]




PhonepayPlus (regulator of premium-rate services)

Freepost WC5468



Phone: 0800 500 212 (8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday)



Ofcom (Office of Communications)

Ofcom Contact Centre

Riverside House

Southwark Bridge Road



Phone: 0300 123 3000 



Telephone Preference Service (TPS)

DMA House

70 Margaret Street



Phone: 0845 070 0707*

Email:[email protected]


Calls to ‘0845’ and ‘0870’ numbers are charged at a national rate from BT Landlines, other network operators’ charges may vary, calls from mobiles may cost significantly more.

Last updated 8th February 2017