Nokia phone

Last Updated:May 2020

Instant Internet Access!
Use our superb web tool to get online in minutes.
You can also install Lebara Internet & MMS settings to your Nokia Smartphone via SMS, you will need to be connected to a Wi-Fi network; which will enable you to activate the Internet & MMS settings link, that will be sent to you via SMS.
Tip: Please refer to the manufacturer's guide for your Nokia phone, if you are unsure how to connect to a Wi-Fi network.
Once connected to a Wi-Fi network, send an SMS with the word settings to 40127.
You will receive 2 SMS messages:

  1. SMS 1 is to welcome you to Lebara Mobile internet.
  2. SMS 2 contains your Internet & MMS settings link; click on the link and follow the easy onscreen guide.

Note: If you are prompted for a PIN number, enter 1234.

Alternatively, purchase one of our great value Data Passes to maximise your usage.

please switch your Nokia phone off & on.View our Internet and MMS Pay As You Go rates.