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Passes terms and conditions

Update on ceasing service: Bundles for BlackBerry users will not auto-renew from 30th April 2017 in line with the ceasing service. To avoid disruption, please upgrade to a non-BlackBerry mobile as soon as possible.

Notice on ceasing service: We are sorry to let you know that due to Lebara's platform evolution and BlackBerry restrictions, we will be unable to support our service on those devices. As of February 21st we are giving 30 days notice that BlackBerry devices will not be able to use data, make/send calls, or make/send SMS. To continue to use your Lebara SIM card, we recommend that you move it to another phone as soon as possible.

1. Conditions applicable to all Passes and Plans
2. Free SIM
3. Bolt-on Data
4. Lebara Passes for BlackBerry


1. Conditions applicable to all Passes and Plans


1.1 The General Terms and Conditions of Lebara as well as the Mobile Terms and Conditions which can be viewed at apply to this offers.

1.2 Plans can be purchase online at and via SMS. To purchase via SMS top-up your Lebara UK number with the minimum top up amount corresponding to the corresponding price indicated in the table below and then text the corresponding opt-in keyword indicated in the table below to 38885 to benefit from such bundle.

1.3 Plans are subject to auto-renewal if you have sufficient credit. If you do not want your Plan to auto-renew, you need to unsubscribe at least 3 hours before midnight on the renewal day. You can opt out from the auto-renewal by texting the relevant opt-out keyword indicated in the corresponding table to 38885. Auto-renewal does not apply to Bolt-on data Passes and to some Lebara Country Passes, see the corresponding table.

1.4 You may only have 1 of each type of Plan active at any time.

1.5 All Plan and Passes includes free Lebara to Lebara UK calls and SMS.

1.6 All Lebara bundle allowances for national, international, and Lebara to Lebara calls are billed per minute and rounded up to the nearest minute. Minimum call duration is 1 minute.

1.7 Passes and Plans that include minutes for calls made to non Lebara numbers can be made to both landlines and mobiles in the UK (landline calls are those made to area codes 01, 02 and 03 excluding Channel Islands and Isle of Man or calls to Premium Rate or Special numbers. Calls to 0800, 0845 or other “toll-free” numbers or calls to personal (070) numbers are too excluded).

1.8 Promotional call credit cannot be used to buy Plans or Passes.

1.9 No cash alternatives or alternative credits will be given.

1.10 Calls, SMS or data outside of any Plans or Passes will be charged at the standard PAYG rate.

1.11 Plans and Passes subject to this Terms may be withdrawn or changed at any time in full or in part at the absolute discretion of Lebara. Full notice will be provided on if changes are made.

1.12 Lebara reserves the right in its absolute discretion, including where it considers there to have been, and/or there is a suspicion of, any breach of these terms and conditions, any fraud or any abuse of the service, to terminate suspected illegitimate services.

1.13 For all passes, where a portion of your bundle is not consumed within the validity period the cash equivalent of the unused portion can be donated to the Lebara Foundation. Simply contact Customer Services to find out more.

1.14 Unlimited calls and SMS are subject to a fair use policy. Lebara may, at its one discretion, interrupt unlimited calls after 3000 minutes by month or interrupt unlimited SMS after 1000 SMS per month. In such case, calls made above 3000 minutes and SMS sent above 1000 will be charged at the standard rate which can be found at

1.15 Click on the links below for the full details on all Lebara Plans and Passes:

Bolt-on Data

Flexi Passes

Country Passes

Data Passes

UK Plus


2. Free SIM


The Free SIM offer is available through the Lebara UK website only. Customers must enter and submit the required details and the SIM card will be delivered no later than 7 business days later. Lebara reserves the right to withdraw or amend this offer at any time. Only a maximum of 2 SIM cards per customer address will be allowed.


3. Bolt-on Data


Lebara customers who are opted into a data bundle only (e.g. holders of a UK Plus, Data Pass, All In One or Flexi Plans) can purchase additional bite size data bolt-ons should they exceed their data usage under their existing pass. See the terms below for details

Bolt-on Data


4. Lebara Passes for BlackBerry®


4.1 The Lebara Pass for BlackBerry® allows BlackBerry users access to the Internet, e-mail and BlackBerry® Messenger (BBM™) on their BlackBerry handsets.

4.2 The Pass for BlackBerry is valid for 30 days from registration or renewal. You may only have one Pass for BlackBerry active at any one time.

4.3 The Pass for BlackBerry gives worldwide access to a data allowance of 500MB to use BlackBerry Internet Services, comprising e-mail, BBM™ and internet browsing services. If you exceed this allowance, you will be charged for any additional usage at Lebara’s standard BlackBerry rates.

4.4 Please note that the BlackBerry Internet Services do not:

4.4.1 allow internet streaming, e.g. YouTube, iPlayer, music streaming, etc., or MMS, and you will need to buy a separate Data Pass for such activities: please note that you cannot roam on a Data Pass, and will be charged at Lebara’s standard roaming data rates if you do roam; or

4.4.2 allow access to other high-bandwidth sites that are deemed to be using excessive bandwidth. Customers will be warned once before being charged at standard rates; or

4.4.3 provide access to corporate email / or synchronisation with calendar.

4.5 Customers must activate their BlackBerry pass by IVR as outlined above; you will be required to load certain BlackBerry service books to configure your device before you can use your Pass for BlackBerry.

4.6 To unsubscribe from the BlackBerry Pass, please call the IVR on 40090 from your BlackBerry handset and follow the instructions.

4.7 If you have sufficient credit on your Lebara PAYG account, unless you have unsubscribed from the BlackBerry Pass at least 24 hours before the expiry date, the Pass for BlackBerry will automatically renew on expiry.

4.8 If you have not unsubscribed by the expiry date, and do not have sufficient credit to renew the Pass for BlackBerry, we will try to renew your pass twice over the next 2 days; if we are not able to renew your Pass, your subscription will be deactivated.

4.9 Lebara’s General Terms and Conditions apply to the Pass for BlackBerry, in addition to any RIM terms of service and/or licences accepted by you when you first used your BlackBerry handset.


Unlimited £10 International Pass: These are the right prices from 18/08/2017. Plans & passes are valid for 30 days. Not applicable with any bolt-on or bundle. To see the full terms for Plans and Passes, as well as the international countries you can call, go to Where a plan has unlimited minutes, these are subject to fair usage policy. For data use and calls to any other countries and within UK, you will be charged at Standard Rates on a pay as you go basis. Your plan will renew every 30 days. To stop this, send relevant code followed by *STOP (e.g. UNL10*STOP) to 38885 before 9pm (UK time) on the 30th day