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It’s easy to keep your number and get free credit!

Get a Lebara SIM
Order a SIM online for free delivery or pick one up in-store.
Get your PAC
Call your current provider and ask for your PAC so we can move your number.​
Give us your PAC
Buy a plan or top up for £5 or more, then call us on 5588 from your Lebara mobile. Have your PAC handy when you tell us you want to move your number.
Enjoy your free credit!
Your £10 free credit will be added to your account and your number moved.

Get your new SIM now

How does it work?

We will give you £10 FREE call credit if you transfer your existing mobile number to Lebara.
​ ​
You will need to call your current provider and request a PAC (port authorisation code).​ ​
Once you have received your PAC code, call us on 5588 from your Lebara mobile(or 0207 0310791 from any other network/landline provider), and let us know that you want to keep your existing number.

You will need to give us your PAC code so make sure you have it with you. ​ ​
It usually takes up to 2 working days to move your number. We will send you a text to let you know when the process is completed.

The £10 free credit will be credited to your account within 72 hours of the successful transfer of your number and a qualifying purchase of £5 or more being made.

Offer rules​

The £10 free credit may only be used with your Lebara SIM and cannot be transferred to other Lebara SIMs. The PAYG credit will be applied to  your Lebara account.
The £10 free credit may be used to make calls, SMS or use data. ​ ​
Please note that the number transfer promotion can be used in conjunction with other Lebara offers, schemes and rewards. A minimum of £5 purchase is required in order to qualify and recieve the port in credit.  This offer may be withdrawn at any time in full or in part at the absolute discretion of Lebara Mobile. See full terms at